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Batch broadcast email messages or newsletters to groups and organizations with this application, which supports the SMTP protocol 32bit Email Broadcaster 20.12 Full Version serial code is a marketing tool for you and your business. Use it to broadcast e-mail news letters, clients notifications, advertising, and more. Send an email to one recipient or thousands, or even millions. When you Broadcast a batch of email, you will not have CC or advertising headers added to your message.

32bit Email Broadcaster For Pc Free Download

Then, you must decide how will the program send the emails. You can send your emails the regular way (that is, using your ISP´s mail servers) or you can use the Silent Mode. The regular way requires you to enter your POP3 and SMTP servers information. Your email will be routed through those servers. But many ISP limit the traffic you can send. Then, you can opt to buy Electrasoft´s Silent Mail add-on (U$S 399.99). The unregistered version of 32bit Email Broadcaster 20.12 full version patch will let you send a limited quantity of messages, and it will append a notice at the bottom of every email sent.

32bit Email Broadcaster 20.12.21 Activator Free Download is a program to send bulk emails. By using this program, you will be able to send the same email message (HTML or plain text) to a list of recipients, that will be stored in a simple TXT document. The sending process is really fast, and the information to enter is really very little. You can create separate projects for each email you want to send. There, you must enter the name of the sender, the reply address, email subject, where´s the file that contains the message stored, the location of the attachments (if any) and the location of the TXT file containing the list of recipients.


  • It´s very easy to use
  • None
32bit Email Broadcaster full version

Turn your computer into a high speed emailer, and broadcast email In addition, you can view the email message in the default web browser, edit its HTML code, attach files, insert a plain text document with a list of receivers email addresses, add extra lines to the header file, as well as remove duplicate or bad syntax email addresses from the list, among others. The email in question can be sent under normal conditions or silently.

System Requirements for 32bit Email Broadcaster 20.12.21:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.electrasoft.com
  • Author Jon Krahmer
  • Last version 20.12.21

What’s new in 32bit Email Broadcaster?

Email whitelisting with Silent Mail AddOn. HTML support. ToolTips. Support for Microsoft Network, msn.com, smtp.email.msn.com, Set Send Email Speed option. Import, sorting, remove, append.
Email whitelisting with Silent Mail AddOn.
More tools.
HTML support.
32 emails Simultaneously.
Support for Microsoft Network, msn.com, smtp.email.msn.com, Set Send Email Speed option.
Import, sorting, remove, append.
Supports gmail.com and other SMTP servers requiring STARTTLS.
Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.
Supports OpenSSL SMTP.
Uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with email SMTP server.
Option toverride the SMTP and POP server port number from 25/100.

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  1. NO tech support. My computer crashed and when I asked for a new key to get it back running, I have not heard anything after sending 3 emails.

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