Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker 4.1 Full Crack

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Plus, you can place text and images over the Flash movie, select a text effect (e.g. rotate and swing, zoom in, type writer), specify the text position (relative or absolute), enable to open a web page when the user clicks on the text, display as dynamic text, and more. Flash Intro and Banner Maker also lets you enable the options to open a web page when the Flash clip stops or when the users clicks on it. Last but not least, you can copy the HTML code to clipboard and publish your clip as a Flash movie, GIF image or AVI video, and others.

Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker keys

Luckily, the tool shows a floating preview window that displays all the changes in real time. Thus, when your banner finally looks as you wanted, you can proceed to generate the necessary HTML code and save it as a Flash movie, an animated GIF and even an AVI video. Unfortunately, it does not support HTML5. All in all, Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker full version free lets you design your own animated banners even if you do not have any programming skills. This is a product I recommend you to try, which can be done without spending a single dime. A Flash banner maker that offers you a useful set of tools for creating your personal advertisement logos and graphic presentations Create banners for your web pages in various formats, like SWF, AVI and GIF

But you can also add a border and choose its color and size, play a background sound from file (optionally enable to stop it after specified loop times) and add a sound controller (pick a color and position, display bars, a slider or text, enable to auto start sound). Also, you can select the JPEG quality, generate a compressed Flash movie, stop it playing after a certain time and add a preloader to it. In addition, you can choose an image or color for the background (solid or gradient color, transparent), add clipart and set its position, as well as apply background effects (e.g. cloud, firefly, rain, shining stars).


  • Supports adding sounds
  • Various examples to start from
  • Few foreground effects
  • Real-time previewing
  • HTML5 not supported
  • Multiple background effects
  • Various output formats
Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker premium

The first step in designing a banner is setting its shape, size and appearance. This is also the time to configure other visual properties, like foreground and background colors. Fortunately, you can add sounds to make your banner livelier. Finally, you need to make some technical decisions, such as JPEG quality, compression, number of loops and frame rate. Additionally, if the banner is too heavy to load, you can also set a preloader.

System Requirements for Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker 4.1:

  • Adobe Flash Player 8.0 and above
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Aleo Software, Inc.
  • Last version 4.1

I am a user of Aleo Flash intro Banner Maker. I would like to ask you why this software does not support Khmer font? Thank you.

The application does support other fonts but you will need to install those fonts first. Download the required fonts and unzip all the files to the C:WindowsFonts. Start the application and then use the text typing tool and select Khmer font. It’s the easiest way to use these fonts.

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  1. Not sure this installed other softwares like
    Application Updater
    Level Quality Watcher
    I had my browser behave badly
    Took a while to clean up these
    Not sure anyone else had same problem

  2. Is incredibly heavy (what do Adobe need to insert to every version?), unnecessarily intrusive (Creates folders and toolbars everywhere!), slow (for those of us who don’t change the pc every week) and full of features that less than 1% of the population needs.

  3. It makes sense to have an image processing software (like Photoshop) to prepare your images before working with it in ActiveSlide (size, shape, image format…).

  4. After long deliberation could really only come up with the suggestion that
    overall appearance could be ” dressed up a little “

  5. Adobe is bloated and glitchy often resulting in my computer freezing for 20-30 seconds upon opening it. Foxit reader is the superior product, small ram consumption and so far no glitches.

  6. This is the worst program Acronis could roll out.
    It is so buggy that you wish to have a crash.
    A computer crash is way much better than this.
    ATIHE12 stays there…hanging…and does nothing.
    Online storage is so unpredictable that you do not even know if you can rely on it.
    Right now the server is out for god knows what reason.

  7. Crashes whatever browser I use regardless of every upgrade and update I installed. It must be a problem with You Tube since Flash works with other sites but why don’t those highly-paid geeks come up with a solution?

  8. I wish it could search my video files and attach the specific internet movie info automatically to the appropriate movie files in the data base rather than manually attaching them one at a time.

  9. 2 versions, 6 + 7 pro, Keeps telling me to upgrade at $12.77 I did pay the so called pro $14.77 Order # 24187868, this has messed up my computer.
    I did run full scan, my computer is so slow now??
    What can I do?

  10. need a fast PC, learning curve is extremely steep(but the results are rewarding.)

  11. Screen freezes up and I have to manually terminate application. Won’t work on Windows XP SP-3. I uninstalled X and reinstalled 9.4, and now everything works perfectly again.

  12. Yadis works as well as advertised. Runs full backups and backs up changes in real time. I’ve been very impressed.

  13. A great software program for visualizing human anatomy in an interactive 3D environment. I highly recommend purchasing upgrading from the free version to the premium version to get the most out exploring the anatomy.

  14. Freespace wiper restricted to 1 pass on trial
    Lack of detail as to what is ‘going’ to be fixed
    Reports cause your browser to maximise
    PC security is unspecific as to function

  15. Love Aol and really miss it but we can’t get fast Internet through them and had to go with

  16. 20 browser toolbars after install, stolen database file, iobit site and software apps contain “broken English” making them difficult to read.

  17. Sometimes has problems during loading, in game AI suffers at times, and for low powered computers, it crawls.

  18. Installs the Ashampoo toolbar, even if you say you don’t want the toolbar during install. I’ve read that Windows 7 users can’t uninstall the toolbar after it’s installed without thier permission. Not cool.

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