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When it comes to choosing an audio player, there are users who focus on the aspect of its interface, demanding skins and all that make it look better, and others who prefer sound quality and efficiency over aesthetics. If you are among the latter group, this program can become your favorite. Apollo 01a18 serial keys is a straightforward music player for Windows, that stands out for its excellent audio quality and the functions it offers in spite of its simplicity. The slogan that describes it is very accurate: “Sound quality is not skinnable”. It natively supports MP3 and WAV, and also a wide range of other formats through different plug-ins, including ALAC, FLAC, CD Reader, WMA, or OGG.

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The interface is very very simple, but has all the essential functions allowing us to fully enjoy our music. Among them we find a realtime 16-band equalizer, the ability to create playlists, with drag and drop functionality and advanced options, Internet streaming, WAV decoder, just to mention a few. In addition, it has support for general purpose plug-ins to enhance its functionality, more specifically, it supports 2.xx plug-ins used by Winamp, for example the ones used to synchronize the player with services like LastFM, or visualization plug-ins.

Apollo 01a18 keygen is a general purpose audio player for Windows. Features include: Completely free of charge Full HTML documentation. Plug-in based support for different file formats. Ships with high quality MPEG-1/2/2. 5 audio layer 2/3 and RIFF WAV PCM/ADPCM decoders. Support for Winamp 2. xx plug-ins Internet streaming. Realtime 16-band graphic equalizer for all file formats. Accurate adjustable pause between tracks (gapless play also supported). Crossfading between tracks (also with DirectSound and WAV output). Built-in playlist (PLS/M3U/AAP) editor with drag & drop capabilities. Apollo Full Version Registered Advanced Playlist support. Support for ID3 and ID3v2 tags. Standard Wave Out and DirectSound support. Decode to WAV file.


  • Free
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Support for general-purpose plug-ins
  • Supports different audio formats through plug-ins
  • None
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Apollo 01a18 cracked is a simple-to-use software that allows you to play audio files of various formats, including MP3 and WAV. The interface of the program is minimalistic (since Apollo 01a18 pre-Activated Free Download prefers to focus on functionality), so even beginners can easily play with Apollo 01a18 serials. You can import audio tracks by using only the file browser, since the “drag and drop” method is not supported. So, you can create a playlist, pause and stop a song, play the next track and set the position in the song. In the playlist you can check out the title, duration, bit rate, sample frequency rate, bit resolution, file size and ID3 tag version of each file. In addition, you can enable loop and shuffle mode, import songs from a directory or link, add a random entry or another playlist, access Windows Explorer, generate an HTML playlist, view a frequency analyzer and file properties. Furthermore, you can randomize the main playlist order, arrange songs, use a search function and view additional track information (e.g. copyright, original, private), and more. The program takes up a low amount of system resources and worked smoothly during our tests.  Apollo 01a18 Full Version portable didn't freeze, crash or pop up errors. However, the interface desperately needs a makeover. Also, there is no help file available and, since Apollo 01a18 pre-Activated contains some pretty advanced settings, this could be a problem to beginners. Otherwise, we strongly recommend this tool.

System Requirements for Apollo 01a18:

  • Author Heikki Ylinen
  • Last version 01a18

What’s new in Apollo?

Added three different loop modes: loop all, loop playlist, loop track
Added an option to physically delete files
Fixed window update issues with full row select
Fixed the performance issue with ID3v2 tags introduced in version 37zx
MPEG: Fixed playing files with broken or partial Xing VBR header
Added support for Winamp frontend messages IPC_GET_BASIC_FILE_INFO and IPC_GET_EXTENDED_FILE_INFO
Dragging an item in the playlist editor onto a playlist item will now move the item before the playlist item ? to append the item into the playlist, hold down the Control key
Fixed overwriting ID3v2 tags with ID3v1 tags if both are present

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  1. It stole the database from another anti-malware program. All this program is is a fake imitation of Malwarebytes’, the program they stole from.

  2. I can’t find ‘auto correct’ to fix common spelling errors and making i into I. I also can’t find a conversation view, which I thought I’d read somewhere it could do, that’s why I loaded it. Love the rest.

  3. Documents I could previously open now flag ‘acces denied’ including ones I created myself.

  4. I have been using this text editor for many years. It is a wonderful text editor, easy to use, user-friendly interface.

  5. The interface minimizes useful document-displaying area and maximizes buttons and tabs that are never used. With a modern laptop screen whose vertical resolution is not very high, it becomes a very large obstacle to productivity.

  6. I am not an expert to give comments. I gust down loaded it since it was a free trial download.

  7. This is a sponsored version of WYSIWYG Web Builder. The worse is this is a very old version. Of course there is no way to export as HTML. If you try, you just get rubbish. So unless you plan to publish with www_DOT_vodahost_DOT_com don’t donwload this software. Go have a look at the WYSIWYG.

  8. To many strings attached to it. You might run the risk of reinstalling your Operating System all over again to really get rid of that pest. Boy, Am I sorry I downloaded it.

  9. *Was not able to load my previous, Excel based database; spent a full weekend entering info.
    *When searching, the title MUST be exact, or else you’ll get weird results.

  10. Maybe I will like it had more models, but I have found a lot on resources.blogscopia.com and on the 3dwarehouse site (sketchup). The collada files are working ok with sweethome3d.

  11. Yadis works as well as advertised. Runs full backups and backs up changes in real time. I’ve been very impressed.

  12. Although I rely on other programs to do the heavy hitting since this one seems to miss a lot of infections the others catch. Seems slower than many of the others as well.

  13. – DOESN’T WORK
    – Emails to support NEVER returned.
    – PAID for this product but it worked better when I used the ‘trial’ version – it atleast gave me 10 email addresses.

  14. Very disappointed when i play the disc in my DVD player and it freezes at every chapter

  15. The only CON I can think of is that you cannot select WHICH image is used in the thumbnail preview. It automatically uses the SMALLEST ICON image as the default thumbnail preview which is not pretty if you include 16X16 resolutions in a 48X48 Icon file…

  16. I installed it twice and each time it said “Program has stopped working” before It even GOT to work! I’m done with it.

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