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Overclocking is the process where you run your hardware (like the Processor, Graphics Processor or Memory) in a speed which is not a standard speed it usually runs on. Generally, many graphics card manufacturer and 3rd party manufaturers, like those using the graphics chip to sell under their own brands, include facilities (softwares or hardware) so that we can overclock it. One thing, overclocking your graphics card voids any warranty and can damage your hardware ( and it will be clearly stated while starting these programs) .

ATITool activator

Specially dedicated to advanced users

Before getting this program, you must know that overclocking of any faulty hardware component completely damages it, while this exact same process stresses new ones into failure if no additional cooling parts or better coolers are installed on your system. To make sure everything turns out right, you may also use a piece of software that displays detailed information about temperatures inside your PC.

Can automatically tweak your video card

This tweaking program also provides GPU and RAM voltage adjustment and RAM timings tweaking. The 'Find Max Core' and 'Find Max Mem' options automatically overclock the GPU and RAM of the video card while rendering into a Direct3D window and checking for artifacts to ensure a safe level of overclocking. ATITool 0 full version setup also provides basic temperature monitoring of both the core and the memory.


  • Memory / GPU speeds are incorrectly reported / set sometimes
  • Can save different profiles
  • Will damage/decrease life of your hardware
  • Will Void the warranty of your hardware
  • Easy to use
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Overclocking has the major problem overheating. So, make sure you have proper ventilation / cooling system for your motherboard and graphics card. Also, a powerful SMPS. You will also lose money on the electric bills! Overclocking damages the graphics card or reduces its life. I wouldn’t do that for gaming; only for testing. Download ATITool 0 full version with crack – Get the full potential and performance out of your video card while staying on the safe side with this powerful tweaking application

System Requirements for ATITool 0.27 Beta 4:

What’s new in ATITool?

Full Vista and XP64 support
Support for all ATI RV6xx ASICs
No changes to R600 support in this build
Better support for multiple adapters
Latest NVIDIA non-WHQL drivers with some G8x cards not supported
Better handling of clock step sizes
Fixed vertex/pixel/unified shader reporting
Added detection for about 20 older and newer ATI ASICs
Fixed crash on X1950 and similar GPUs
HD2900 can now switch to 3D clocks again
Added monitoring window
Added basic overclocking for R600 (please test and feedback, how about R600 CF?)
Added detection and monitoring for RV63x
Add support for X1900 GT, X1800 GTO, X1950 XTX and others

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