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Bandoo full gives you cool new ways to express yourself in Live Messenger Download Bandoo serials – Tons of cool animations for your instant messenger application! Provides extra animation for your IM and other social networks Almost all Internet users use a communication system over an instant messaging system, because it is possible to speak with various contacts at the same time, and it’s much cheaper than the phone, but on the other hand we have to state that it is a lot less expressive.

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Another interesting feature of Bandoo 6 codes is that you can send funny animations to your friends via emails. The moment you go to write a new message, at the top of your email editor, you will have access to all Bandoo 6.0 Build 85562 setup emoticons. Obviously, your friends must have the program installed on their computers, but if they don't have it, there's no problem, a link to download it will appear instead of the animation.

Would not it be wonderful if you could send personalized messages on the messenger and e-mails with fun animations that help you express your emotions to the fullest? Well, that is exactly what Bandoo patched makes. Once this simple program is on your PC, it will work alongside with your favorite messenger like Yahoo, MSN or AIM. The program comes loaded with hundreds of funny emoticons and animations in flash. You can access them from a small bar located at the bottom of your messenger. The six buttons will give you access to emoticons in general, text emoticons, winks, nudges, and images. All these cute animations are well categorized. It should be noted that in this latest release, hundreds of animations have been added. For Spanish users, a new section of emoticons has been created for them.


  • Hundreds of funny animations
  • Cute animations bring smiles to recipients
  • Includes both photos and emoticons
  • It would be nice if we could enable / disable emoticons for people over 18 years through a password
  • Bandoo can work with other similar programs like SweetIM with no problem
  • Can’t think of anything bad about it and I’ve been using it for almost a month.
  • There are no pros. THIS IS A VIRUS!
  • really so far, I’ve yet to experience any sort of issues with the program’s usage, functionability and service from the company.
  • Bandoo’s enhancement package for messenger has really improved the messaging experience when using various smileys, emotecons and other various animations. I’ve yet to ever experience any issues with the program compatibility with both windows live messenger and yahoo messenger, and the customer service received when I did have some questions was prompt and accurate. This is truely one of the few online products I’ve given a 5 star rating to, and I recommend it for anyone interested in enhancing their messenger services.
  • Easy to use, free and most importantly – It’s just so pretty!
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  Bandoo pin is a collection of emoticons that will help you express yourself better in your conversations on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! and AOL. The collection is formed by emoticons, nudges, winks and images, all of them classified depending on the mood, time of the year and kind of complement.   The nudges that it includes are really spectacular, because they are even capable of turning round or spinning the window of the person that they are sent to, something that can surely liven up our conversations to unknown levels. Furthermore, each day there are new icons that will be downloaded automatically when the instant messaging client is opened.   Give your conversations an extra touch of liveliness with Bandoo 6.0 Build 85562 Activator Free Download , an incredible emoticon pack.

System Requirements for Bandoo 6.0 Build 85562:

  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Discordia Limited
  • Last version 6.0 Build 85562

When I go into the Yahoo Messenger, the symbols for the emoticons are above the box but when I click on them they don’t do anything. What am I doing wrong ?

This is a known issue with Yahoo Messenger, Bandoo and animations and it has been found that the root of problem is Adobe Flash Player. Firstly, remove Adobe Flash Player from your computer and make sure all the applications are closed. After the apps have been removed, reboot the computer then download a new version from the Adobe page. Make sure to download and install the plug-in with Internet Explorer. Start Internet Explorer to directly load the URL using Start > RUN > iexplore
Install the plug-in, start the apps and you should see the animations.

Where is it installed? I don’t see any icons.

This question has already been tackled here.

It pops up continuously on my computer screen. I don’t like to install it. How can I erase it?

Bandoo is a potentially unwanted program that comes as a standalone application or browser toolbar. In order to remove it, I suggest you use Revo Uninstaller. Even if it can’t uninstall the application normally, it will force it to uninstall by wiping out all traces of its presence from the system.
After that, try running AdwCleaner to make sure that there are no leftover rogue registry keys or toolbars in your system.
Alternatively, you can uninstall it using the instructions provided by Bandoo Media Inc.

How can I use this Bandoo in my latest Yahoo Messenger? I have the previous Yahoo Messenger version and Bandoo is working but now when I upgraded Yahoo messenger I cannot use Bandoo any more. Why is this happening? Hope you will answer my question.

You will need to wait for an update because this is the only way you will have compatibility between Bandoo and Yahoo Messenger. It’s not recommended to install an older version of Yahoo Messenger but if you don’t have a problem with that, you can switch to a version supported by Bandoo.

The program is not working. How can I fix this problem?

There are several things you can do in order to solve this problem. You can try checking if this program isn’t blocked by Windows Firewall or by a third party software with Firewall (like your antivirus software). Try to uninstall the program and then install it again. After the uninstalling process, you can use programs like AdwCleaner to make sure that there are no leftover rogue registry keys or toolbars in your system. You can visit the Software Informer application web page in order to obtain a download link for the latest version of it, or visit the official website.
However, if none of these work, you can contact the software developers on the following web page for technical support.

I have downloaded this tool but I don’t know how to use it. I cannot see it on Hotmail or Facebook. What can I do to make this application work?

According to the official website of the developer, this program isn’t compatible with Facebook. After you downloaded and installed it on your computer, in order to choose where to use Bandoo, you need to go to Start > All Programs and search for Bandoo and click Bandoo Extensions. From there you are able to select Hotmail and click OK. By doing this, you should be able to use the utility on your Hotmail account.

What’s new in Bandoo?

Facebook support added!
More cool Emoticons & Winks added!
New crazy features added to Windows Live Messenger!
Outlook Express support added!
Many small but nice improvements made!
More cool Emoticons & Winks added
Content loading speed improved
New IM versions support added
Installation process improved
Many stability issues fixed

Bandoo 6.0 Build 85562 setup, Bandoo 3.2 keygen

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  1. I’d like to know that too. I have Windows XP desktop. I downloaded Yahoo messenger 11.5.0 and Bandoo 7.0.0. The Bandoo bar shows in the Yahoo messenger and Windows live messenger. They work in windows messenger but not in the Yahoo messenger. When I move my mouse over the Bandoo emotions they highlight but when I click on them nothing happens. What do I need to do to get them to work in Yahoo? Thanks.

  2. Can you add text without a background color? I want to put a picture on my CD and then have only black or white letters on the picture with No background color. I can not see how this can be done with the version that I have.

  3. This software is really interesting and funny it makes us laugh . i really like it.

  4. a complete waste of time unless you plan to buy the product – because the demo doesn’t allow you to do anything at all – apart from look at the dashboard

  5. Excellent! Does everything and more if you are having trouble syncing you Windows Media Player Album Art with Other Player & Devices

  6. -likes going online (just have to block it with firewall)
    -slow to take snap shots of registry.
    -it has happened a few times that it fails in taking before and after snap shots – a bug perhaps, but very rarely. if they could fix this, i would give it a 5 out of 5.


  8. the player launches upon DVD, there is not simple way of launching it from the task bar.

  9. AntiSpyware program from C-NetMedia. Not recommended due to inadequate spyware detection, no real time monitoring and minor problems with false posavtes.

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