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Overall, this is program does the work it promises and can help save a great deal of time when dealing with massive amounts of files. Its only drawback is a lack of direction that may confuse users with little computer and file experience. However, more experienced user, or those willing to learn by trial and error, will appreciate the help Better File Rename 6.23 full version crack gives to make a tedious task easier. With this simple and intuitive application, you can easily rename numerous files simultaneously, with a minimal level of effort for you

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Better File Rename full download for Windows is the most versatile and easiest file renaming application on the market. Better File Rename registration keys is the type of programs that comes in handy when organizing large collections of files, such as personal images or videos. The utility lets you choose between multiple renaming options, supports batch processing, and immediately completes any given task. You can import individual files or directories storing multiple documents. You can always remove items from the processing list.

Better File Rename full version free is a handy tool designed to lend a hand to users who wish to rename multiple files at the same time, providing a long list of actions to be performed with the selected files. The first thing that impresses is the clean and well-organized interface that enables you to complete a file renaming process with just a few clicks. First of all, you are prompted to pick the files to be renamed and then customize the actions that must be performed. Better File Rename Full Version license code allows you to change only the file name, the entire file name or just the file extension with or without the separator. The actions to be performed include basically all the operations one can do on a Windows machine, only that Better File Rename 6.23 Full Crack gives you the power to use them with multiple files at the same time.


  • Lets you choose between multiple renaming options
  • Occasionally fails to import data with drag-and-drop actions
  • Fast renaming speed
  • Supports batch processing
  • Basically, not much at all.
  • It’s not extremely versatile and the price is far too high for a file renaming utility. There is a better one available, called Rename Master, at and it’s FREEware…
  • None so far
  • Several Renaming Options
  • It’s just ‘OK.’
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The tool then lets you add a certain text at the beginning of the original names, rename songs based on their tags, include date and time into the names, etc. A great aspect is that you can use multiple types of renaming profiles for a selected collection of files. In my testing, everything worked great except for the drag-and-drop actions. The utility occasionally failed to import any data after dragging and dropping files over its interface. Still, this isn’t a big deal as it doesn’t happen often and you can always use the import option from the bottom of the loading area.

System Requirements for Better File Rename 6.23:

I cannot figure out, or find online an example of GREP (Regex?) that will take a “crushed” filename and expand it like this: ThisIsTheCurrentFilename.mp3 and insert a space in front of each capital letter (the ability to IGNORE the first capital would be nice!)

I have tried all the possibilities to do exactly as you said for a custom file name, but the software doesn’t offer any solution for this request. I mean it doesn’t have an option to detect capitalized letters to add a space in front. None of the defined presets offer such renaming feature. You will have to work with the application in another way to add a character in front of each letter, then you can use Better File Rename to replace that character with a space.

I just sent an email, with screenshots, of my problem to the makers of “A Better File Rename” asking them to–as a short term solution–provide me with a single GREP expression that I could paste into the “Advanced/Grep” field, to fix my problem,

Convert all selected files to “Title Case”
THEN insert a space in front of every Capital letter (except for the first letter in each file name)
THEN remove any duplicated spaces.

Hopefully they will reply, otherwise I hope somebody who’s a good GREP expert will answer this question. Why the PC version of iTunes does this name-compression routine is a “bug” and Apple isn’t talkin’… :-//

Why doesn’t my serial number work any more?

There are many reasons why the serial number won’t work with Better File Rename anymore. In most of these situations, the problem is with the key expiration or multiple activation.
Either way, only the developers can provide the necessary information related to the availability of the serial number.
Luckily, there are still online and can be contacted using the emails on the following link.

Hi there,
We bought the afrikaans and english disked Visual Audio Match 2 years ago.
We loaded the one disk on our laptop, however our laptop crashed and had to buy a new one.
Now if we want to load it onto the new laptop, the serial number does not want to work again.
Can you please assist us.

I want to remove a hyphen (-) from the beginning of all filenames, but not from anywhere else within the filename. Looks like Using Regular Expressions would be the way to go, but I can not find instructions on their use.

Better File Rename supports Remove text from Beginning feature which means you can configure it to delete characters from the beginning of the files.
This option can be selected using the drop down menu from the main interface.
Visit the official website to learn more about the software:
enter image description here

What’s new in Better File Rename?

The new version adds a "Completely Rename" action.
The new version introduces a new advanced text removal action.
The new release fixes a problem that affected the reading of EXIF tags from file's whose name includes non-English characters.
The new release fixes a minor bug.
The new version fixes a problem with the EXIF implementation.
The new version solves an issue with the regular expression implementation.
The new release can now read meta-data from Olympus ORF RAW images.
The new release fixes a minor bug
The new version modernizes the application's architecture.
The new version fixes a minor issue connected to droplet editing.

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  1. Would like to make an suggestion as have used since its beginning. If you are listening, a GREAT improvement would be on dragging the files back to the folder, I get some sometimes lots of DUPS and there is a RENAME but no RENAME ALL. Get tedious to do it for every file.

  2. Will not allow for ripping of online files, and is not easy enough to use with files on your hard disk.

  3. Setup dual boot machine with True Image Home 11 (previous version). Installed True Image Home 2010 to get Windows 7 support. Just installing the software ruins the boot manager (OS Select) setup of the previous version. Totally useless crap WTF.

  4. Not much – after trying it, I’m a fan – it worked well for me. Didnt get all I wanted but certainly retreived 85% and for nothing.

  5. Does it strike anyone as weird that the program was added June 29, 2006, but all the reviews of it are 5-star ratings from before the program was added AND all the reviews have the same broken English as the product description? It looks like the programmer is trying to play up his own product by giving false reviews.

  6. Would like a column for file date (modified? created?) to be able to easily identify new files. Sorting by publisher would also be useful, but hard to do in a tree structure.

  7. Everything is wrong…. Too slow, data lost and NOT A free version.. CNET should delete this kind of postings.

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