BlueStacks App Player Full Version Activation Code

BlueStacks App Player Activation Key

BlueStacks App Player 4.250 pin is a free tool that will require you to put up with a few sponsored apps every now and then. Not a tragedy, but this may end up slowing down your system and overloading it with a number of unwanted apps. If you want to avoid this nuisance you may opt for a paid yearly subscription. Other than that, this is an extremely attractive utility for those who like enjoying their Android games and other apps anywhere and everywhere.

BlueStacks App Player portable

Runs Android applications on PC Bluestacks enables you to run Android applications and games on your PC. BlueStacks and their 140 million users empower the world to play Android games directly on PC. As the largest mobile gaming platform for PC and Mac, we give players the tools they need to be the more competitive. Assign your keyboard and mouse to the actions you want to perform in your game with our simple keymapping tool. Save you keymap and use it each time you play to save time. Not only can you map taps buy you can also map tilting, swiping, and many more native mobile actions directly to your keyboard or mouse.

Access, download and manage apps with ease

It is possible to download all games and apps available on Android from the Play Store, as well as play them with ease. You can navigate the Internet with the help of a built-in web browser, as well as check out your Twitter and Facebook account. The app is available on a full-screen mode, while you can also make it smaller with just a click of the button. As stated above, the back, home and recent apps buttons are available, and help you easily browse through all the options offered with ease, and all installed items are going to create shortcuts in the Start screen (on Windows 8 and 8.1).


  • Installs sponsored apps every now and then unless you pay a yearly fee
  • Allows you to enjoy your favorite apps and games on a big-sized screen
  • Fully customizable
  • Integrates seamlessly with your Google account
  • None. Crashed my computer on the install!
  • Easy to use.
  • Expires after two days.
  • The feel that the interface is giving in full screen is unlike the others, its not freezing and crashing and has a smooth feel, I needed to have Whatsapp on my desktop and it did deliver without glitches or anything.
  • None yet, still new to the app but enjoying it so far.
  • None, it’s a virus posing as a useful program. Just sorry I had to give it a partial star.
BlueStacks App Player full version

BlueStacks App Player 4.250 portable displays apps inside a window and emulates Android’s touchscreen motions with your mouse. It takes longer than tapping and swiping, but it works better than we expected, especially since it’s still a beta release.


Apps in Windows: It does give you the ability to run Android apps on your desktop or laptop PC. One for all: Using the same apps for both Android and Windows has potential advantages, including cross-platform familiarity, easy data transfer, and access to thousands of Android games, tools, and apps in Windows.

System Requirements for BlueStacks App Player

  • At least 2 GB RAM
  • 4GB of disk space available
  • The drivers for your PC's graphics drivers should be updated for compatibility with BlueStacks
  • Administrative rights
  • DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • Windows installer 4.5 (for WinXP)
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP3 (for WinXP)
  • You must be an Administrator on your PC.
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author BlueStack Systems, Inc
  • Last version

does bluestack 4.60 support on win 32 bit or not

oh very good
Yes, it does, however you need at least 2GB RAM

oh very good
Yes, i try instal on 32 bit too. but you need more than 1 GB RAM

I am Vietnamese, I also like to use MaC. Hope we have a chance to discuss, thanks !!

Initializing time is very high. its takes more than 20-30 minutes. What should I do?

The problem that’s causing a slow start might be related to file corruption or an antivirus solution that’s blocking major processes of the Bluestacks application. The first thing I would try is to reinstall it. Completely, remove the application after you have backed up the files to a cloud service or something related.
After this process, remove Bluestacks then download a new version. Additionally, use the antivirus solution and add all the Bluestacks executable files to the Exclusion list. You can find them in the Bluestacks installation directory.

I have 2 separate ram each of 4 gb but blue stack only detect 4gb out of 8 gb, please help.

One other thing that’s worth mentioning, sometimes you have to push really quite hard to get RAM to seat properly in the slot. The most common RAM issue in my experience is simply because it wasn’t pushed down into the slot hard enough. In most slots you should just push down on the RAM until the latch shuts and you get a bit of click.

what’s version window? x86 or x64? how many support Ram on your mainboard?

because one of them die 😀 you need check .
or i think you need remove or change local of them in mainboard

I’m new to BlueStacks App Player. What should I know about the program’s settings? What parameters to choose to make its work more efficient? Are there any useful tips?

Bluestacks App Player already comes tweaked and customized to run as fast as possible. You can adjust the memory using RegEdit and it’s a simple process.
Firstly, go to Bluestacks App Player’s installation folder and locate HD-Quit.exe. Launch it to close all the services and opened files.
Go to Start > Run > regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREBlueStacksGuestsAndroid and locate the Memory item. Double click it and switch to Decimal. Input 1027 then start Bluestacks App Play and it should run Faster.

It says: “Your device is not supported, but it will be included in a later time. Thanks for understanding”.

The PC where you want to install the software is not compatible. By default, Bluetacks has the following system requirements:

  • Minimum system requirements:

    OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2 , Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only)
    You must be an Administrator on your PC.
    Your PC must have at least 2GB of RAM/main memory. (Note that having 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM)
    Your PC must have 4GB of disk space available for storing Android apps / games and their data.
    The drivers for your PC’s graphics drivers should be updated for compatibility with BlueStacks as described in the following post
    The PC must have a broadband connection to access games, accounts and related content

  • Recommended system requirements

    OS: Windows 10
    You must be an Administrator on your PC.
    Processor: Intel Core i5-680 (passmark 3500) or higher processor with virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS
    Graphics: Intel HD 5200 (passmark 750) or higher
    Memory: 6GB or higher
    HDD: SSD (or fusion)
    storage HDD Space: 40 GB
    Internet: Broadband connection to access games, accounts and related content

For additional information, check the official website of Bluestacks.

When I installed Bluestacks, my computer became slow. What is the reason and solution to this problem?

When Bluestacks is installed, a good portion of the RAM is assigned to this application, but only after it’s started. The application requires a high amount of RAM in order to run things. Since it’s an emulator, RAM and CPU go directly one on one. You will see performance decrease if you have a slow PC, in other cases, it simply runs normally.
To increase performance, add more RAM to PC and replace the CPU with a more powerful one.

Where are the images downloaded through WhatsApp stored in PC? I couldn’t find the media items anywhere.

You can’t access the media resources directly because the files are stored in a virtual environment called SDCard.FS file. To mount the file, download OSFMount application and and then locate the SDCard.fs file on C:ProgramDataBluestacksAndroidSDCard.fs. Open OSFMount and select Mount New and untick the Read Only. Make sure the mounted image is set to auto for Driver. You can use My Computer afterwards to browse the SDCard.

What’s new in BlueStacks App Player?

Stream to Facebook Live:
Sing, cook, dance, play guitar, chat about your day, do your makeup, play with your dog…
Share anything with your family and friends in real time.
Chat while you Play:
BlueStacks now lets you chat with fellow BlueStackers.
Hangout, make friends, chat or discuss in any of the chat rooms.
Introducing Welcome Tab & Android Tab: The Welcome tab lets you discover the most popular apps around the globe. Through Android tab you can install and run all your favourite apps.
Each app / game launches in a new tab, switch between apps easily.

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40 thoughts on “BlueStacks App Player Full Version Activation Code

  1. Very often when I’m using bluestacks while playing my favorite games, this app just hangs.

  2. Open BlueStacks from notification centre, right-clic on BlueStacks icon and press “Restart”.

  3. It didn’t work on my Windows 7 Ultimate. It keeps saying graphics, blah-blah. What to do?

  4. You can use “Programs and Features” in control panel to uninstall it. Or try “IObit uninstaller” for example.

  5. 2. if your Internet speed is 15 KB per second, the download will take 2 to 3 hours to install.

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