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The main window holds all the information you need and it lets you specify either an IP range to scan and retrieve information, or use just a single IP to get the MAC address. Plus, the whole task can also be performed the other way around, meaning that you can get the IP address of a machine by providing its IP. You can thus see the IP address, MAC address and computer name right in the main window, with a special “Export” tool to save all collected details in a separate file.

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CCGetMAC is based on Microsoft Netbios technology. If you want to seach a computer’s ethernet mac address, you just need to know his computer name or computer ip. That’s to say, CCGetMAC can resolve mac address from IP or computer name. Vice versa, you can find ip address from mac address. CCGetMAC also can be used to Wake On LAN. You can use it wake up any computer on your LAN remotely. Tool for getting MAC address and computer name from IP address CCGetMAC is a program based on Microsoft Netbios technology CC Get MAC Address 2.3 with crack is a very easy to use software tool designed to retrieve the MAC address for any computer in your network. With a clean and intuitive look, CC Get MAC Address full version with crack provides just the basic tools to serve its purpose, so there are no other configuration screens or menus.

The export screen prompts you to choose between text and Excel formats, but also the type of information you wish to export, such as number, IP address, MAC address and computer name. There are three types of MAC address formats to choose from, so pick the one you want and you're ready to go. Of course, CC Get MAC Address full version with keygen download free runs on very low resources and doesn't slow down the operating system at all, which means it can be safely used on older machines as well. All in all, CC Get MAC Address 2.3 activator is a nice tool to get the MAC addresses of the computers in your network, offering a very simple interface mixed with advanced scanning and exporting tools. Download CC Get MAC Address 2.3 key – Tool for getting MAC address and computer name from IP address

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Can CC Get MAC Address detect a MAC address over Internet? If I have a remote server, can I detect the MAC address of a client that is accessing my website?

No, you can’t. As you can see on the official web page, the software has been developed to work only on computers and servers from a local area network. For further information, I suggest you contact the developers. You can get in touch with them using +86-731-85537391 phone number or [email protected] email address.

Can it detect client/visited user MAC address from remote server (over Internet)?

No, the application can’t detect the MAC addresses remotely. This can be used on your computer to or on a server inside a LAN. Remote detection is not possible.

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  3. Customer support could be a little better. Some themes take a little too long to load, as they could probably be a little better optimized for load time.

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