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ClocX For Windows Download

ClocX 1.6 patch – freeware analog clock for Windows desktop with many features like calendar, alarms, skins, antialiasing and transparency. ClocX 1.6 full version free features: antialiasing (3 levels: off / method 1 / method 2) 256 levels of transparency with special mouse-over transparency function changable and configurable styles (24 PNGs and 7 BMPs in standard installation, additional 98 PNGs and 69 BMPs available in full instalation or in PNG/BMP packs) per-pixel alphablending for PNG backgrounds advanced window options (unmovable, always on top, pin to desktop, click through, …) priority settings configurable alarms with ability to show alarm window, play sound, execute application and shutdown computer simple calendar automatic start with Windows (for all users) or with user login (only for your user) language support (Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more) absolutely free software – it contains no ads, no spyware, no adware and no toolbars

ClocX free full download

Finally, as I stated before, ClockX is capable of managing alarms. You can configure multiple simultaneous alarms of various types – single-time alarms or recurring alarms on a minutely, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Optionally, you can configure every alarm to show a message window, play the specified sound or video file, execute an application or even shut down your PC. In conclusion, ClockX is a practical application that allows you to install an elegant and functional analog clock on your desktop. You can use it to always know what time it is without annoying interferences and to create alarms that will remind you of all your important events.

ClocX 1.6 premium – freeware analog clock for Windows desktop with many features like calendar, alarms, skins… A simple-to-use analog clock for your desktop that features support for alarm and calendar tools, different skins, and plenty of customization options Download ClocX Activation Key – A simple-to-use analog clock for your desktop that features support for alarm and calendar tools, different skins, and plenty of customization options


  • Allows you to create and edit multiple fully-functional alarms
  • You can set the transparency level of the clock
  • Includes some complicated parameters
  • Includes nearly 400 funny clock skins
  • Its “Click-through” mode allows you to access whatever is underneath the clock
  • Includes plugin support, though it’s still experimental and useless
ClocX Full Version license Key

Besides, you can configure the program to stay always on top, or pin it to the desktop, turn it unmovable, and hide it from the Alt+Tab list, among others. Moreover, you can also change the clock’s look by selecting any of the nearly 400 funny skins included. A very helpful feature of this clock is called the “click-through” mode. When you activate it, you can still click or right-click on whatever is on your desktop underneath the clock, just as if it wasn’t there.

System Requirements for ClocX 1.6:

Will this ClocX work on Windows 7?

Yes, ClockX works on both 32 and 64bit versions of Windows 7. However, it also supports many versions of Windows, like: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, and 8. To find more information or to download the application, visit the official website of the product.

What’s new in ClocX?

program completely recompiled with new VC++
added support for time zone selection from Options dialog
large icons from separate ICO file moved to main EXE
improved compatibility with Windows Vista/7/8
changing option "Run ClocX with Windows" now causes UAC prompt if needed to write into registry
added many new styles received from fans of ClocX project
all PNG/BMP themes included in the installation package
bug fixes
website address changed to
new languages added and some old languages updated
installer/uninstaller updated
added new presets to full installation package

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48 thoughts on “ClocX 1.6 For Pc Free Download

  1. Guys I use this tools and help a lot even though still need to be edited but in general is good. But yr guys do u know how can use this tool offline and downloaded to USB

  2. This whole thing takes about 20 seconds and if you’ve made sure your volume is up, you’ll never have to worry about being late or missing another appt, burn a cake, forget a movie or new tv prgm,….

  3. If this company steals from a reputable company what makes you think they won’t steal data from your computer?

  4. However with the (image) mode it is best to do 2 things that are done automatically as part of trueimage. 1. delete your partions on advance into unallocated space. 2. it will restore the image the size of the image leaving the rest as an unallocated space. Use the Aomei Partition Assistant to create a new partion or merge with the unallocated. After this you will be set to go.

  5. Now deprecated by Adobe, the widget browser leads nowhere. Their alternative is Adobe exchange but this is nothing like the widgets used to be and very few items are free. There is now no easy way to add widgets through Dreamweaver without understanding Java and coding yourself. Shame on Adobe.

  6. I love this program and use it often. I like to stitch together newspaper articles about my grandson’s ball games so I can save them without having several portions to try and match up.

  7. this software is really awesome and let me build my first website without the help of the professionals. it also save a huge amount of my money.

  8. The program was very limited and did not operate on 2 of the 5 computers I was trying to wipe clean. After considerable frustration, I found a free program that worked on all my computers. It’s Eraser at Eraser is a simple and effective program.

  9. Amazing Frre Program. Please keep it up. Integrating with FREE Photo Editor like GIMP would great too.

  10. Notice the two user (amanda-wu and SariClause) who gave 5 stars ONLY reviewed this company’s products and of course gave 5 stars. They are fake accounts giving fake reviews. I’m sure after they read this they will review several other products…

  11. hard to find things and downloads come down at 26kbs evern when using adsl2+ so very poor downloads. even torrents come down slow

  12. Some features are only available in the Pro version. Even though the pro version is not expensive, this is a downside for me. If i am promissed FREE I want FREE.

  13. However, the performance of the program wasn’t that good. Video conversion was slower than expected, and it was pretty off sync. The quality is reasonable, but I have a feeling it could be better.

  14. It crashes several times a day, when you go to play videos in articles, it produces a privacy-invading nag window that just won’t go away. Did I mention it crashes several times a day?

  15. why i can not run this program. please send the proccees that i can run this program.

  16. 7/5/2010 9:32:18 PM
    Kaspersky Internet Security
    C:\program files (x86)\001 file joiner and splitter 4.0\filejoinerandsplitter.exe

  17. Had a difficult time getting to setup so that it did not interfere with other operations. I had it doing incremental saves each hour, but that diverted so much of system resources that it slowed everything down. Had to change to once per day.

  18. Has own Icon at bottom of screen, not in usual system tray location, but not other complaints.

  19. I do think that the original CS was a lot more functional and easier to use. Its been taking me forever to re learn where everything is and how to use the functions. I might revert back to regular CS but CS2 does have its ups.

  20. During install I was prompted to change the BIOS VT-X to enable. Once done it installed properly.

  21. It’s terribly bloated, the only reason it’s popular is because it’s “default” software. FoxIt Reader is much, much better.

  22. Used to be good until the latest upgrade; now it will only convert 8 minutes of a video … of what use is that?

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