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Also, CPUMon 2.1 full version comes with advanced programming that allows the application to know exactly what your CPU is, and treat it accordingly. Although not the best, it also comes with a memory checker, which tells you how much memory your system is using, how much is free, and the usual. For a freeware application, there is really not much more that we can ask, other than a good working application, which this is. Helps you keep an eye on the CPU usage directly from your desktop, displaying a real-time graphical representation of the processor’s performance

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CPUMon keygen is a CPU monitoring application for Windows users Download CPUMon registered – Helps you keep an eye on the CPU usage directly from your desktop, displaying a real-time graphical representation of the processor’s performance CPUMon Full Version Free Download is a lightweight freeware tool designed to show CPU information right on your desktop.

Clean visuals make it easy to figure out

If there’s something to praise about CPUMon 2.1 serial code, that’s definitely the interface, as the program attempts to fit any desktop in the world with transparency and a highly-customizable look. Truth is, in case you’re using a black wallpaper you may not even see the program at the first run, so it’s strongly recommended to look into the settings menu as well.

Getting back to the information it provides, CPUMon registered shows you the current CPU speed, along with a graph to monitor activity. Additionally, the program displays memory usage, with more information available via a single right click in the main window.

Choose what to be displayed

Clicking on “Statistics” launches a new that presents CPU and memory usage, time and counter. Plus, there are two separate tools addressed to those with a bit more computer knowledge, namely CPU Explorer and CPU Features, both of them allowing you to access more advanced processor parameters.


  • None
  • Monitors your CPU
CPUMon activated

CPUMon 2.1 free is a CPU monitoring application for Windows users. The application is rather simple and has no other purpose than monitoring your processor. However, it is nice to keep an eye on the most important component in your computer. The application features a lot of displaying options, which all display the same, but fit your needs. You can choose any update sample time that you want, which is the time lapse between checks. You can set the gadget to a certain transparency level, so that you can keep it on top of other applications and use it at the same time. You can even set it on your tray and put the mouse pointer over the icon to see some graphs.

System Requirements for CPUMon 2.1:

What’s new in CPUMon?

Implemented alternative CPU frequency detection using Win32_Processor WMI provider
Replaced static tray icons with dynamically drawn icons, giving a refreshed look
Use system defined tray icon sizes for better graphics on high-DPI systems
Internal code cleanup
Updated copyright information
Recreate icon when taskbar is recreated (Explorer restarts)
Cleanup tray icon code
Automatically deactivate registration when uninstalling
Added hint to run as administrator when failed to apply system settings.
Removed donation link (donations are discontinued in favor of "Pro" version)
Added confirmation dialog before unregistering the product
License expiration is checked against UTC date instead of local

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