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DelinvFile 5 Free Download Activator is a utility that you can use to delete data files that you have not been able to delete using the normal Windows Delete function. You could use the phrase ‘delete undeletable files’ to describe the program. You use the standard controls for Drives, Folders, and Files to navigate to the Folder and Select the file to be deleted. Use DelinvFile 5.04 Build Full Version Registration key to delete files and folders with invalid names that cant be deleted or renamed via…

DelinvFile Activator Free Download

DelinvFile 5.04 Build Full Version portable is a program designed to help you delete invalid files and folders from your computer, to the point where they cannot be recovered through specialized tools. The interface of the program clearly needs some improvements in the visual department, other than that, you can easily navigate files and folders, thanks to the Explorer-based structure. The file queue shows the short and long name, attributes, size and time stamp for each item. You can view all entries or just those which have errors.

So, you can delete or rename a file or folder, as well as perform one of these actions and make the changes apply at boot. In addition, you can select a directory by using the tree view, filter files by name, extension or both, refresh the display, as well as make the app scan the current location for invalid names. The straightforward software tool contains help documentation, has a good response time and quickly deletes a file while using a very low quantity of CPU and system memory, so it doesn't put a strain on the computer’s performance. We have not come across any issues throughout our tests, since DelinvFile 5.04 Build keygen did not hang, crash or pop up any error notifications. On the other hand, there are no configuration settings available. For instance, you cannot minimize the tool to the system tray area or integrate it into shell. Otherwise, DelinvFile 5 free can be seamlessly figured out by users of all skill levels.


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Delete invalid Files – DelinvFile 5.04 Build full download – is a Windows Utility that you can use to delete data files and folders that you are not able to delete using the standard Windows Delete function. DelinvFile reg keys provides a convenient User Interface for selecting the file or folder that you need to delete and provides for a choice of two delete methods. You use the standard controls for Drives, Folders, and Files to navigate to the Folder or file to be deleted. Note that Filenames are displayed in both forms – Short FileName and Long Filename as a convenience for the user.

System Requirements for DelinvFile 5.04 Build

  • Homepage:
  • Author Assistance and Resources for Computing…
  • Last version 5.04 Build

What’s new in DelinvFile?

Implemented function for deleting empty folders.
Converted from Demonstration trial to limited trial.
Now includes three free deletes or renames.
Converted from limited trial to Demonstration trial.
Implemented UniCode logic to enable processing of file and folder
names from other languages.
Added support for multi-select on the main window.
Implemented a special window for displaying error messages which
should prove useful in determining the reason some folder
deletions fail.
Added a Bulk Delete function for the Scan window to facilitate
mass deletions.
Improved the processing speed for deleting multi-level folders.
Improved navigation function for main window to include DoubleClick of folder name in the right pane to navigate to that folder.
Implemented a function for selecting a drive or directory via
the Windows "Select Directory" dialog. This includes the ability

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