Desksave 8.2.1 activated

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Desksave 8.2.1 portable is a lightweight Windows application that saves the desktop icon layout and allows you to restore it after any screen resolution change or reboot. Once installed and launched, the program places an icon in the Windows System Tray that provides instant access to all of its features, but also enables users to save a layout with just a click. Desksave Full Version license Key automatically saves your current desktop layout as “Primary” and thus allows you to revert to these settings at any moment, but it also provides backup tools to save any other desktop layout. What’s more, the program comes with dedicated features to back up and restore the layout to and from a file, with a so-called “Backup archive” menu to let you easily choose the one you wish to restore.

Desksave activated

Download Desksave serial code – A utility that saves and restores the desktop icon layout A utility that saves and restores the desktop icon layout Desksave 8.2.1 codes is a small application that allows you to save the icon arrangement of your desktop, which makes it useful in case a screen resolution change messes up the position of your icons. The program is easy to use, indeed it doesn’t require installation, you just have to unzip the downloadable file and execute the program. After the program is executed, you will be asked to save the icon layout as the primary layout for the current screen resolution.

The configuration screen also plays a key role because Desksave key can automatically restore the layout after computer start, once it resumes from standby or after the user changes the resolution. What’s more, it can show confirmation windows every time, just to make sure the user saves his current layout. There are some other settings to play with too, including preferences concerning the icon size after restoration, notifications after saving and an auto-saving tool at logoff. Last but not least, Desksave 8.2.1 full version setup can install a shell extension and even remove traces, while being fully portable, thus enabling users to copy all files to a USB removable drive and use it on the go. Overall, Desksave 8.2.1 cracked does its job with minimum effort, running flawlessly on all Windows versions and without affecting the overall performance of the computer. It’s the perfect tool for every user who uses multiple monitors and changes resolution on a regular basis.


  • It saves and restores the icon arrangement
  • The program only saves the icon arrangement and not the shortcut files. So if you delete a shortcut, it won’t be restored
Desksave serial keys

This primary layout will automatically restore the icons arrangement after any resolution change. Nevertheless, you can manually restore the icon layout from an already saved file. The Desksave precracked files will have the DSV extension and will contain the screen resolution and the icon arrangement. It is important to mention that the program only saves the icon arrangement and not the shortcut files. So if you delete a shortcut, it won’t be restored. The program automatically creates a backup file after an icon layout is restored. In the program options you can set different parameters such as auto restore after start, ask for confirmation before restoring, etc. Small app that allows you to save the icon arrangement of your desktop PC

System Requirements for Desksave 8.2.1:

What’s new in Desksave?

64 bit support (except for shell extension), Auto restore improved, New menu structure, Bugfixes
Code improvement (.exe and .dll)
Bugfix in shell-extension
Fixed problem when starting in Windows 9x
Auto restore after resume from standby/hibernation
Export location preselectable

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18 thoughts on “Desksave 8.2.1 activated

  1. Need to have microsoft office installed on the computer to use the drag and drop of metrics in the report designer to create some custom reports.

  2. A mode to clear residual files and settings for programs that have been un-installed in the past will be a welcome addition.

  3. This is the first time I’ve ever submitted an online review. I created an account specifically for this. This is the worst PDF program I’ve EVER dealt with. It CONSTANTLY crashes; I’m creating this because I lost 30 min of my typed med school lecture notes. User functions are an absolute minimum. You can’t even save an individual PDF pages, nor paste pictures from outside sources. Absolutely peice of sht program.

  4. Latest version of software dated March 11th started crashing and freezing the browser today(March 19th). Seems like the programmers intentionally program issues into the software so they will have job security.

  5. Could have some better features. There are better software’s out there(I’m sure of it). This is the best one I’ve tried so far

  6. I converted all my MOV files to WMV and MP4 files. The audio converted just fine but all video is in double-time. I can’t find a way to fix this and there is apparently no support or troubleshooting for the free version.

  7. Acts buggy on windows 7. Doesn’t always catch leftover folders. Doesn’t do much with leftover registry items either.

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