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Drives Monitor patched

* Shows % active time and bytes read and written per physical/logical disk * Logical partitions on the same disk are grouped * Automatically reconfigures if disks are added or removed * Allows for excluding certain drive letters or numbers Drives Monitor keygen is a handy Windows widget that provides you with information at a glance regarding your hard drives. Thus, you can view the hard drive status and monitor disk activity without installing other third party application.

Drives Monitor preactivated

The gadget offers easy access to disk contents, as you can open a drive in Windows Explorer by simply clicking on the background.

To sum it up

Although it is a simple and lightweight sidebar gadget, Drives Monitor 16.7 Activation Key provides you with all the necessary tools for monitoring your hard disks status and activity. Drives Monitor 16.7 full version with keygen download is a small widget that allows the user to view the status of the hard drives and USB pendrives connected to the PC. Download Drives Monitor 16.7 patched

It is never a bad idea to know all information possible about the hard drives installed on a computer and the best thing to be able to find it out without any complications is making use of Drives Monitor 16.7 Free Crack .

Information of your hard drives in the Windows Sidebar

Drives Monitor 16.7 Full Version Activator is a widget that takes up a place in the Windows Sidebar to show the users all kinds of information among which it will be possible to find:


  • CPU usage is high for a widget
  • See the status of your hard drives at a glance
  • Comprehensive configuration
  • Too much information is displayed by default
  • Confusing settings screens
Drives Monitor reg keys

Drives Monitor 16.7 pin is a widget for your Windows desktop. Its interface displays useful information about the usage of your hard drive disks, as well as an activity graph for each. Drives Monitor 16.7 pre-Activated cannot work on its own: it requires you to install a piece of software able to handle GADGET files. For this review, I used the program Special edition sidebar created by Igor “Igogo” Bushin, and it was able to correctly run this gadget.

System Requirements for Drives Monitor 16.7:

  • Thoosje Sidebar
  • or 8GadgetPack
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Igor "Igogo" Bushyn
  • Last version 16.7

What’s new in Drives Monitor?

Added Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translations by akjz
Improved usability.
Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10
Cosmetic changes
Update Polish and Japenese translations.
Improved work with languages in settings
You can run more than one instance of the gadget with own individual settings. Fixed critical bug.
Changed algorithms: ordering of logical disks and excluded logical disks. Fixed bug with excluding physical disks
Fixed bug with ordering of physical disks when number of physical disks more than 10.
The disk activity value is calculated more accurately.

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  1. Awesome software. can finally post pictures from PC after editing on photoshop. however, I would like to post multiple photos like as the new insta feature.

  2. Works fine up to the 83,222kb threshold. after that it’s worthless. The add they write is so misleading in that they advertise that you could record for as long as your drive as available memory. This is NOT the case again all my attempts to record end at the same point, 83,222.
    They advertise customer support yet they have not ever responded to the many support questions I have asked regarding this problem. Although they were there when it came to accepting payment for the software.

  3. Downloaded a free 7-day trial and as soon as I tried to play it tells me my 7-day trial has expired. How did 7-days expire in 10 minutes?

  4. I tried four times.New download and install.Freezes every time I try it. I quit. Going back to 7.

  5. I let it clean and optimize my registery twice. The second time, it took 4 hours to get my system back to the point where it would boot.

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