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eMule free download

Which is the latest version? Is it the best?

As time has gone by, and new technologies have been implemented, this application has gradually fallen into disuse. That’s why a new stable version hasn’t been released for almost 7 years. It was back in April of 2010 when this eMule 0.50a full version 0.50a was published. At a technical level, it’s obviously the best version released to the date, but you might thank that it works worse than previous editions you used to use over 10 years ago, precisely because nobody uses this network anymore, there are very few files available, and therefore, downloads are generally slower.

eMule registered

First version of eMule 0.50a Activation Key appeared on the market in May of 2002, with integrated support to connect to the popular eDoney and Kad network. This app became very popular in the following years because of its ability to smartly manage connections between users, making file transfers faster, files more secure with automated corruption recovery, use of community awards to reward best users, and its use of compressed transfers which enabled users to save on bandwidth.  Another very popular feature is abbility to preview audio and video files whose download are not finalized.

And although it was an open-source program that ran exclusively on Microsoft’s operating system (including the most recent Windows 10), it’s great success soon led to the development of clones that worked on other platforms of the likes of macOS and Linux, as is the case of the multi-platform application aMule. Due to the period we’re talking about, it never landed on mobile operating systems, so don’t waste your team searching for an Android APK because there isn’t such thing.

Main features and functions

Once we downloaded and installed the program’s EXE file, we connected to any of its multiple servers, carried out a tiny configuration of ports and our firewall, and we could start enjoying all the features and functions of this electronic mule:


  • Excellent corruption handling
  • Too much information displayed for some
  • Even large files, like games, sharable
  • Several add-ons have been created
  • Huge amount of files to be shared
  • Supports source exchanges
  • Multilingual (52 languages supported)
  • eMule is not updated regularly
eMule with keygen

Peer to Peer file sharing software eMule pin is a free p2p client for PC to PC connection designed to help users share files located in the incoming folder. One of the biggest and most reliable peer-to-peer file sharing clients, this program allows users to download and share files following a priority order reached by a credit system. A very interesting and convenient feature of this utility is that the files are checked for corruptions while being downloaded, with the purpose of ensuring the receipt of error free files.

System Requirements for eMule 0.50a:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.emule-project.net
  • Author eMule
  • Last version 0.50a

How to download more servers?

First, you need to know that it is not recommended to download unknown server because they may be corrupted or contain Spies (servers that gather your information and then sell it to companies). In order to download/add new servers, open the application, click New Server button, and fill up the IP, Port and Name field with the servers list provided by eMule:

  • – Emule Security 1;
  • – Emule Security 2;
  • – Emule Security 3;
  • – Emule Security 4;
  • – Peerates.net;
  • – PeerBooter;
  • – TV Underground 1.
Also, you can add the new servers list automatically from the Options menu. Launch the program, click Preferences and select Server. Click the Edit or List button located in the the top-right corner and enter http://sites.google.com/site/ircemulespanish/descargas-2/server.met?attredirects=0&d=1 URL in the opened Notepad file. Close the file, save it and click Apply.
Note: If you want, you can find and download servers using Google, but you need to know once more that it is not recommended.

My IP and Port are not working. So, if possible, can you give me an IP and Port?

You can try to perform a Google Search to look for proxies to connect to. Try to choose an IP with a level of security higher than 2+.

I can’t connect to Kad or Ed2K servers. I have no idea what to do. Can you help me?

In order to fix the issue, open the application and press Security from Options menu. Click on Load, go to Options > Server and set number of errors allowed before removing the server to 9. After that, click the List option next to Auto update, write http://www.peerates.net/servers.php and remove all other entries. Save the document, un-check the options to update list of servers when connecting to new server and new client and click Accept. Go to Servers window, remove all servers from the list and type http://www.peerates.net/servers.php in the Update Server.met from URL field. Click Update, enter the servers you want to static list and double-click any server.

I paid to have eMule program and it doesn’t work. It seems that there is a problem between Windows Vista and the program. What can I do?

eMule is a free Open source program, you shouln’t have paid it, you have been thru a crook machinery
eMule is at sourceforge , a repository for open source program
the official website at sourceforge is http://sourceforge.net/projects/emule

the real eMule is one of the community choice award of 2008

And as special price : “Most Likely to Get Users Sued by Anachronistic Industry Associations Defending Dead Business Models “

You shouldn’t have paid for eMule because it is a freeware application. I suggest you to run the utility using Administrator rights. Right-click on its icon and select Run as Administrator option. If it doesn’t work, go to the official web page and download and install the latest version of the program. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP on both 32 and 64-bit architecture.

The program crashes on Windows 7. What to do?

eMule is an application that hasn’t been updated for almost 4 years. The compatibility of the latest release with Windows applies to the following versions: 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP.
However, the developers updated the application to an alpha state making the version to 0.50a which is compatible with Windows 7 an 8. Try to download this version and make sure that you install the application with Administrator rights.

What’s new in eMule?

Added preferences.ini-only option "ExtraPreviewWithMenu" (eMule section) which makes eMule put the "Preview with" command into the root context menu rather than into the preview menu (only applies to extended controls with multiple preview programs set)
Added "Open preferences.ini" button to the extended options. Remember that you have to close eMule _before_ saving any changes if you want to edit any not preferences.ini-only settings
AICH hashs work properly in all collection types now

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  1. I started using eMule little time and I enjoyed the amount of files and ease of Emconta music

  2. I bought 2 IObit software’s the Kaspersky internet security and the Malware fighter. They BOTH slowed down my computer especially the internet security. When opening the computer it would take a minute or two to where I was allowed to use the computer. It loads SOOooo slowly and it ties up the system in doing so. OH, I was having trouble with both so I tried to delete both. That took an HOURR, with it messing several parts of the program hanging up. I had to reload the software and then delete it again. OH, I tried to get a refund. Of course they can’t find my records SOOOooooo NO REFUND

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