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The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. It’s translated into English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. You can rename files within ZIP archives and add comments to your files. Adding comments is a useful feature to know what are those big archives with long and mysterious names occupying valuable space in your hard drive. Furthermore, you can perform most common actions from the context menu within Windows Explorer.

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Filzip 3.06 preactivated is an application that you can use to compress files and extract content from archives with various formats, including RAR, ZIP, ACE and ARJ. The interface of the program is clean and intuitive. If you want to create a new archive, first you have to specify the output destination, name and format. You can use the treeview to find and add files after checking out their size, type, attribute and date of modification, as well as create an exclusion list. Furthermore, you can configure archive options by specifying the action (add, move or update files) and level of compression (maximum, normal, light, none). Moreover, you can add hidden files, include empty subdirectories, save the full path information, add in the 8.3 format, separate directory entries, set a password, enable multiple disk spanning (e.g. automatic, user defined), and more. Additionally, you can copy, move, rename or delete an archive, view its properties, create a shortcut, use a search function for files within archives, insert comments, create an executable file and enable Explorer style.

The ultimate archiver that handles about 15 archive formats Filzip 3.06 patch is a FREE file compression utility for Windows. This is an extraordinary tool that can be used for archiving the flies that you need, basically those that are important for you. Currently the Flipzip supports almost 15 types of archives. This software even has a explorer mode and this mode allows you to work blissfully. The main feature of this software is its Windows integration, which brings up drop and drag option, so that you can just drag and archive the encrypted file in the required space. This software can even be used for compressing huge files and extracting the files that have been compressed before.


  • Includes good help file
  • It doesn’t support 7z file compression format
  • Free.
  • It’s FREE, powerful and easy to use
  • Limited support of archive formats
  • Very easy to use
Filzip Full Crack

Download Filzip 3.06 setup – The ultimate archiver that handles about 15 archive formats A program for reading ZIP files Filzip 3.06 Full Version Activator is a FREE file compression utility for Windows. You can use it to compress your book collection in an single package or to extract the archives you download from the web. Filezip supports opening and extracting archives of the following formats: ZIP, BH, CAB, JAR, LHA,TAR, GZIP, ACE, ARC, ARJ, RAR, ZOO, UUE and XXE. And it can create ZIP, BH, CAB, JAR, LHA,TAR and GZIP archives. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support neither creation nor extraction of 7z archives.

System Requirements for Filzip 3.06:

What’s new in Filzip?

Fixed directory traversal security threat
fixed security vulnarability concerning ace archives
fixed bug concerning the sometimes faulty internal encryption
fixed bug with large tar.gz files
improved file association dialog behaviour

Filzip 3.06 setup, Filzip 3.05 Full Version Serial Key

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  1. Only limited use as yet, but the application seems easy to use, and has a sensible user interface. Certainly handles most formats of available

  2. It works like a virus in my computer. The videos I used to watch no longer works. Even news videos hang up every time. What makes it a BAD program is also the fact that it does not give the user any other options. It simply, SUCKS!

  3. Usability: It will open every other program except the program which you currently need when you haven’t saved a work last time. So it might open LibreOffice Draw when you clicked on LibreOffice Calc and LibreOffice Calc stays closed till you have cared for LibreOffice Draw first, that’s really annoying. I still haven’t found out how I can paint in LibreOffice Calc without using LibreOffice Draw first, that’s also really annoying. Same for LibreOffice Writer. And LibreOffice Calc asks what to delete in the cell when used the first time. It should be obvious that it should delete the content of the cell in most cases, why does it ask? Other Office suites delete the content without asking then and offers other options in a menuvia right click, which makes it much easier.

  4. sometimes messes up the auido of videos. bad for movies because talking isnt inline with the sound

  5. You need to understand the logic of this programme.It is a template of available databases.After installing the programme you need to download and run the proper database from their website..All is free and very well updated.

  6. I think this would be a good step up for adobe if it stopped freezing in windows 7. The whole interface just falls apart and the document freezes until I end the process in the task manager.

  7. I get it almost down load and this error 1714 comes up or you get all this crap about a patch package. When you need this program it is not there for you and neither is GOOD help.

  8. Just downloaded it – I get error “The request must contain the parameter Signature.” just trying to search for my Viesa HDTV. No idea what this error means. The author’s website has many complaints about this issue by posters but no answers.

  9. The advantage of the avant browser tri-core version is threefold. In addition to the ease of adding and removing engines,the options of opening a link with a certain engine can be found everywhere. Furthermore, Avant Browser allows a site with rendering problem in a certain engine to be rendered with other engines. You have only to input a specific string matching a certain type of addresses, and then select the engine used to render them. Moreover, all engines in avant browser are upgraded quickly so that I have abandoned chrome and firefox in my machine.

    So far so good. Nothing bad found.

  10. It does not seem to work with Windows 10. Apparently records as one can see the wave functions – but you can’t hear anything and you can’t assign the recording. Frustrating!

  11. Example. When you remove it, it doesn’t return to your hard drive the 50% that it took up during use. My 750 gig is now worth 375. When you back up data, it defaults to back up it’s data to the drive you’re backing up, gives no other options.

  12. Check pricing carefully – $35 to purchase is crap. When you try to order, the price is $99. Go to G-Lock’s web site and try to find a phone number to get help – if you’re lucky enough to find the number (in the registration page), your call is redirected to RegMail (in reality a call center somewhere). This company is a scam.

  13. its a little expensive, and yahoo messenger shuts down when you use it (i think because they dont want people to be pretending like theyre someon else in voice chat)… and it could use more “believable” voices

  14. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 2000!! Nowhere was it ever said that it does. Even on ADOBE.COM it’s listed as XP ONLY! I spent the better of a day trying to get this download, only to find it didn’t work. Couldn’t be more unimpressed with Cnet.

  15. none. just that if you are a business or if you have a lot of transactions with a lot of people, then be prepared to buy the full version

  16. This is too expensive. You’ll want to think over before buying this. If you have to spare, why not? Otherwise stick to the free Auslogics programs.

  17. I’m completely new in this field. Last week I downloaded this software. There is change in planet houses/ position compared to manual charts made by our Pandit. Please advise which one to use for accuracy purposes.

  18. i have no idea how to save the work product as a usable file, and i cant seem to manipulate the forms to fatten then up. everything seems thin and minimal . i really wanted to make a looping flame video, but that possibility does not seem evident. i will try some more , and post an update if i have success.

  19. Tried to wipe a hard drive by using the Nuke Boot Disk, but it wouldn’t boot no matter what I tried.

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