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Some of these include the snap-to-geometry function which gives users the advantage of accurate results. The user interface of the Free DWG Viewer full version is yet another deal maker. It is clean and has all the functionality laid out in a simple manner. The viewers can change the background color, zoom in and out the images, pan them and check the attributes of the images in just a few clicks. Be it any format which is used to view the images, they can rest assured about the quality of the same. The tool supports any version of the Windows OS and hence, is quite flexible. It can be used by novices and professionals alike. The advanced settings options available in the Free DWG Viewer premium can be operated without any issues.

Free DWG Viewer license Key

Should the users get stuck at any point in time, there is a ‘Help file’ which can be referred to. The time taken to open the files, change the settings, fit the image to the full display and many other functions is just a few seconds. The file size of the app is quite small and does not require much disk space either. Therefore, the software is commendable. Free DWG Viewer Activation Key is a free tool to open and print AutoCAD DWG, DWF and DXF files. Download Free DWG Viewer 16.0 Full Version key and access all your designs very quickly

Even though this app is marketed as a Viewer, it also has a single file exporting feature that many users will find useful. It can take your Autodesk CAD file and export it in a lightweight CSF format, which will compress and encrypt all your original CAD information and make it inaccessible for anyone seeking to infringe on your intellectual property and hard work. With other CAD viewer apps on the market, almost always they are burdened with a wide array of other features that make their use more time consuming and complex. On the other hand, It was intentionally made to be light on resources, slim with its features, and easy on your eyes with its streamlined interface. If you want to simply view your CAD files, Free DWG Viewer 16.0 activated is the perfect app for you. Installation and Use


  • Free
  • Runs in desktop or browser
  • Lacks printing feature
  • Features multiple viewing options
  • View is all you can do – no save or print function. I guess you could grab a screen shot but…how primative!
  • Will view DWG files.
Free DWG Viewer Full Version key

All of the features are neatly incorporated into menus, while a toolbar holds some quick controls for common operations such as opening or printing a file. Once you have loaded the resources, you can start exploring the program’s abilities one by one.

Animate views, zoom in and out and much more

A quick summary of its features includes pan / zoom functions, rotate / mirror, a magnifier for detail view, a layer manager, monochrome view and possibilities to customize the background / display colors.

System Requirements for Free DWG Viewer

  • Language English
  • Homepage:
  • Author Informative Graphics Corp
  • Last version

What’s new in Free DWG Viewer?

This release includes support for AutoCAD 2008, enhanced measurement capabilities, an updated user interface and support for the Windows Vista operating system.

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