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You will be able to write down all kinds of notes about the different nodes that you create. Establish the association between concepts and indicate them to be able to have a quicker perspective of your project. It’s possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to add indications and make it easier to speed up the map creation process. Import images if necessary to clarify the interpretation of the maps. Creating mind maps is free with Freeplane pin , and it’s very simple. Download Freeplane 1.8 full for free, it’s a good alternative when you have to design your own concept maps.

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Customize most aspects of your mind maps and export your projects to a wide array of formats

Aside from building and editing nodes (with HTML support), you can change the map background color, apply a style (e.g. floating node, topic, root), add hyperlinks and images, password-protect the mind map, as well as export it to HTML, JPEG, XML, XLS, TXT or other formats. In addition, you can view map statistics, save all open maps to file, use a search and replace function, minimize nodes, change the edge color, manage time, tasks and addons, as well as edit and run scripts. A wide range of configuration options are available through the Preferences screen. For instance, you can customize the appearance (e.g. status line, default colors, selection colors) and reconfigure keyboard shortcuts.

Efficient software solution for mind map creations

The comprehensive program requires a pretty high amount of CPU and system memory to work properly. It has a good response time and includes user documentation. No error dialogs have been shown throughout our tests and the app did not hang or crash. Thanks to its intuitive layout yet rich options, Freeplane 1.8 registeration keys should be able to please the entire audience. Create conceptual map that will help you to structure ideas visually and that will make you daily work a lot easier, download Freeplane 1.8 premium free and in Spanish


  • There are free add-ons that can increase the program’s functionality
  • The program is not very easy to use
  • The program is free to download and use
  • It has a high learning curve for non-expert users
  • software awesome
  • Free. Fast. Flexible. Fun. Customizable. Robust. Holds lots of data but is easy to search and filter. Stable – has never crashed. See relationships with connectors, colors, icons, summary nodes. Hold extra information in notes, node details, attributes — visibility of all can be toggled. Advanced scripting lets you do amazing things (check Active development and user community. Great for notetaking, planning, sermon prep, Bible study, daily dashboard, writing. Mostly text based – fast text entry and manipulation. Use keyboard and/or mouse with ease.
  • Installed on my Windows XP, but would not run. This is only one of many bugs and problems posted on the software site. May be a good program, but how can one tell if it doesn’t run?
  • Since I couldn’t get it to run, I’m unable to comment on its features or “pros”
  • still cleaning
  • Its worth a try!
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Password protection: This program gives you the option of entering a password to protect your files. In many cases, you may feel there is no need to take a precaution like this, but it’s always a nice option to have. Tabbed interface: You can have multiple mind maps open at once when you’re using this program. Moving between them is quite easy as well, because each page is represented by a labeled tab running across the bottom of the interface. Searchable node lists: Mind maps can get pretty large and unwieldy at times, which can make it hard to find exactly the information you’re looking for. That’s why the search feature in this program is so nice. It presents all of the nodes of your current map in a searchable list, and there are even filters you can enable to make finding what you want even easier.

System Requirements for Freeplane 1.8.11:

  • Java 1.5 or above
  • Windows All, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 10, Windows 98, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Dimitry Polivaev
  • Last version 1.8.11

What’s new in Freeplane?

Bug fixes
Filter hiding matching nodes with ancestors / descendants
Hide and show note panel tool bar using freeplane menu
Optionally ignore accents and diacritics in filter conditions
Keep white space inside the line in search and replace dialog
Set individual filter for each map view
Improvements for MacOS Menus
Use UTF-8 encoding for mind map files
Use emoticons from as icons
Use only svg icons, remove png icons when svg icons can be used
Hierarchical icons for subtrees
Fix copying text from clipboard
Scale icons in filter conditions
Make LaTeX line spacing configurable
Fix menu mnemonics
Do not output links twice copying nodes to clipboard

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21 thoughts on “Freeplane 1.8.11 setup

  1. I have no problem with Adobe Flash – but I HATE that whenever I go to update an Adobe product, they try to force Google Chrome and toolbar down my throat. The checkbox to “unchoose” these downloads is almost invisible on on the screen. Whenever a company tries for force a product down my throat, my instinct is to puke it back up at them. I will NEVER use Google Chrome – not until they stop the aggresive marketing.

  2. Too many features, scary for anyone who might be “click-happy”. I agree with others saying that the spyware section of the program is totally useless. It killed my boyfriend’s wireless internet connection right after I uninstalled it!!! I bought it to diagnose a problem I am having with un-explained restarts anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes after bootup. IT DID NOT DIAGNOSE ANYTHING – JUST MADE MY PC RUN WORSE!!! I plan on backing up my files and formatting my computer today … what a piece of junk … I wouldn’t GIVE this program FREE of charge, to my worst enemy … and I stupidly thought the reviews were good too and paid $40 for this … Some of you are right in saying that they ought to be sued! DO NOT BUY OR EVEN D/L THE TRIAL VERSION … IT’S A PIECE OF JUNK AND WILL CAUSE YOUR SYSTEM TO RUN EVEN WORSE THAN IT DID BEFORE!!!

  3. Terrible interface, finicky/buggy software, not intutitive in the sligtest. Have been using it unfortunately since the 2005 version. Useless.

  4. Version 9 won’t work on my XP. Keep getting error message that this version is running and it “cannot be used to view PDF files in a web browser.”

  5. It sort of hangs when you try to recover huge folders with lotsa files. And you can’t even press Stop to end the task. Had to end the program and rescan several times. But it did the job, so it’s cool.

  6. I have downloaded this twice now and both times it could not fix my damaged media files. It just locks up and gives an error message. It will however fix the unbroken files just fine, for what ever good that is.

  7. I have tried and tried and tried with this company to register my paid copy of the MP3 Pro which also includes the sound editor, but it’s like lights are on, but nobody’s home. Not once have they replied, which makes me think they are out of business.

  8. any company that offers a limited trial against a full trial is kidding themselves, it is hardly worth the download space. Take them off Ur List Please.

  9. – it has only very basic fuctions – there are so many clients out there you shouldn’t stuck with this one. I suggest uTorrent.

  10. Infected my browser against my deselection. Can’t find addon, program or toolbar to remove this. Taking up time. So far, this program cost me too much. I’ll uninstall it because trust is gone.

  11. It would be helpful to have a more detailed description of the properties of the original file, and to have parameter guides/limits when converting to various formats.

  12. Unfortunately the program fails to perform. Try B4U Buy has been rewritten to Buy B4U Try. This software is useless, unless you want to believe the extravagant claims and trust door to door sales men or have a stash of cash to waste to give it a whirl on the off chance it works, otherwise I suggest stay clear! There are better, cheaper programs out there.

  13. There is another free software for subliminal messages which you can download. From my experience, it’s more user friendly and very simple to use.

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