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The graphic user interface of the application is called FreeProxy 4.10 keygen Control Centre. As the program runs as a service, there is no need to keep the “Centre” open. It is just used when you need to enter configuration parameters and start or stop the program. Still, you can simply set a configuration file to control the program’s behavior without using its GUI. For inexpert users, managing the application may seem somewhat esoteric as it implies knowing multiple concepts that are mostly the domain of specialists. However, provided you know what these concepts refer to, it is quite easy to configure the program to work properly.

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User-friendly proxy server that offers support support for HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP over HTTP, TCP Tunneling, NNTP and SOCKS5, while requiring no advanced technical knowledge FreeProxy full setup shares your Internet connection with the computers on your local network. Download FreeProxy Full Version Free Download for free and manage Internet access without a router Feature summary from website: * Internet connection sharing with demand dialling FreeProxy 4.10.1751 Activator Free Download allows you to share an Internet connection among multiple computers

Feature summary from website: * Internet connection sharing with demand dialling * HTTP proxy, including FTP over HTTP * SOCKS5 * SMTP & POP email proxy * NNTP proxy * Outlook Express / Hotmail email proxy * TCP tunnel (tunnel any TCP protocol) * HTTP cache * Connect to ICQ and MSN easily * HTTP 1.1 persistent connections, RFC2616 and RFC2518 compliant. See Compliancy below. * Demand Dialling, auto connect/disconnect * URL filtering has been replaced by Resource Security which allows username password authentication and access to * resources. * URL and IP address filtering from imported Ban Lists * Remote access to display statistics of users * Access controlled by user and calendar * Resources include IP addresses, ports, URLs, paths, IP services * Comprehensive access logs which are user configurable * Create users and groups and/or authenticate to a Windows domain * Built-in web server * Run as a service under Win NT/2000/XP/2003 or Win98/Me * Message logging and dumping * Connect to another Proxy server or connect directly to the internet * Bind to a specific network interface for added security ("local binding") * Works with Dial-up Networking and Cable/Broadband


  • It is easy to install
  • It lets you create or import users and groups
  • It does not allow forbidding access to given types of contents or file types
  • It is easy to use
  • It can be set to store cache copies of retrieved data
  • It is small
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The installation of the software doesn't require server configuration skills. Running FreeProxy keys brings up a classic interface. There's nothing fancy about it, everything you need is right at your fingertips right from the beginning. The button bar provides access to the main settings of the application. First of all, you can define the configuration of your proxy server. The `Define / Change Proxy Service` window of FreeProxy serials requires you to choose the `Protocol` of your server from numerous options such as HTTP / POP / SMTP / Telnet / FTP / Socks or NNTP Proxy. You can also select the `Client Port`, the Local and Remote binding of network cards as well as IP address. Additional HTTP options are available for further customization – `Use PASV with FTP over HTTP` and `Use HTTP Authentication`.

System Requirements for FreeProxy 4.10.1751:

I just use FreeProxy a lot, but I guess it’s not compatible with Windows 8.1. It has some bugs. Could you suggest another program that does the same job?

You are right, the problem is that the application hasn’t been updated since 2010. Try setting the compatibility to Windows 7 or Windows XP. In most of the cases, this could greatly enhance its functionality. Hotspot Shield is a good alternative.

What’s new in FreeProxy?

Fix: Corrected version information being displayed by the control centre.
Ignore the message in the popup box "The version of the config file just loaded has been adapted from a previous version… program path". No conversion is necessary. This message is displayed because the freeproxy detected an older version in the file you have loaded. To avoid further occurrances of this message, save the file.
Change: Increased number of local IP addresses to 300
Fix: Various fixes
New: SMTP and POP servers
Fix: ISAPI extensions – various bug fixes. Works with Mambo and Gallery2
Fix: 100% CPU when checking IP addresses in the banlist or whitelist
Fix: Removed 2second delay when posting. Speeds up batch processing of HTTP 'POST's
Fix: SOCKS5 not forcing authentication when the "Must Authenticate" check box is checked.

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  1. gr8 probs with download, I had to repeat download 4 or 5 times as I did not want Chrome the download failed. In the end the only way I was able to get it was to allow download with chrome and then remove te tool bar after successful download

  2. When I try to download the new version the download link does not work and I follow the instructions by technical support. If they want us to upgrade they need to provide a more stable download link.

  3. Acrobat has become bloated in size, and many of the new “features” are positively unnecessary. If you have an older computer, stick with version 5. Also, the Yahoo! search bar is tacky; at least it can be turned off.


  5. Wouldn’t know. Until Adobe allows me to download this, I shall stick with Adobe Reader 8.1

  6. Needs A longer list of browers that it can work with. It must be
    independent of system and browser

  7. If you watch your movies in VLC you can easily remove most subtitles by going to Video/subtitles/disable

  8. The version 10 update made some bad changes to my computer. I am no longer able to click on certain buttons in facebook games so I can’t play the game. In summary, version 10 disabled the ability to click buttons in facebook games.

  9. it opens file like it is written 1000yrs ago. Text is not cleat at all. Try opening same file in adobe reader and other good pdf reader, u can easily see the difference.
    Worst pdf reader of the day.
    Also it has more load time then other pdf readers.

  10. Read above the only cons is that it took a little too much time for me to right just a fraction of the pros

  11. This is the only such program on the market that can read t-logs from every SQL Server version and it can do that flawlessly in almost all cases. Life saver and easy to use.

  12. And when it didn’t it was awful! Uninstall – works occasionally. I had to restore that hard drive from a backup!

    It executes “invisible” tasks that run, even though nothing is scheduled. The tasks are left overs, but there are no control panels to delete them.

    Shutdown is delayed significantly by Acronis tasks running that ultimately report they failed.

    (I could go on, but I have to get back to work.)

    Biggest con: It makes changes to very obscure registry entries and disk record content, to worm itself into the operating system. These changes are necessary because of the features it has, and the way the Acronis designers and programmers implemented them.

  13. Often the clips generated will not loop in popular players that provide this option. The trim tool gives very coarse control.

  14. God forbid you get a Weather alert that goes through a series of on to off to on again(like almost all do)..the tray dings and dings and dings each time the alert is re-instated; which could be 20 times in an hour. This software is in desperate need of a “Yes, I got don’t bother me” function. Let me know about the alert and then let me click on the tray if I don’t want to continually hear dings every time the “alert condition” is back on again. This is a big ommission in what otherwise is a great little tool.

  15. any site that requires Adobe, the posts do not show, I get a loading screen, then it gives me an error message. I cannot get what I am looking for to read. its a pain in the butt.

  16. Hello, i bought the program thinking i would be able to snipe auctions, i have had instances were bids have not been placed, when trying to contact customer support, on several occasions and heard nothing, the support is absolutly disgacefull, do not buy this program

  17. I’ve paid for this game, and changed computers, and now I can’t get them to accept the reg. key. No one answers my emails.

  18. Too many features, scary for anyone who might be “click-happy”. I agree with others saying that the spyware section of the program is totally useless. It killed my boyfriend’s wireless internet connection right after I uninstalled it!!! I bought it to diagnose a problem I am having with un-explained restarts anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes after bootup. IT DID NOT DIAGNOSE ANYTHING – JUST MADE MY PC RUN WORSE!!! I plan on backing up my files and formatting my computer today … what a piece of junk … I wouldn’t GIVE this program FREE of charge, to my worst enemy … and I stupidly thought the reviews were good too and paid $40 for this … Some of you are right in saying that they ought to be sued! DO NOT BUY OR EVEN D/L THE TRIAL VERSION … IT’S A PIECE OF JUNK AND WILL CAUSE YOUR SYSTEM TO RUN EVEN WORSE THAN IT DID BEFORE!!!

  19. No cons that I am aware of. Perhaps somebody who has a deeper understanding of software and computers may be aware of something, but I’m happy with what I’ve got.

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