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Running the application is no big deal for anyone. Once brought up, a little getting used to is required, but the application comes equipped with a step-by-step user guide, that pops up once in a while to get you out of sticky situations. A side panel is home to all major features the application has to offer. Amongst the fist, there is “FLV Browser” which allows you to go online using an integrated web browser. Depending on your configuration, operating system and Internet connection, you can test out several Kernels for better performance.

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Though GetFLV 22.2020.5588 Full Version Serial Key is perfectly capable of downloading other types of files, it has been clearly designed to detect and grab Flash Video. Hence the difficulties it sometimes finds in simply downloading a video from YouTube. For cases when grabbing a certain content becomes a challenge, you can always rely on the program’s capturing capabilities, which will let you record any streaming video (or any other activity taking place on your desktop, for that matter) and save it as an MP4 file, for instance. Once the video is on the program’s downloads list, you can perform various tasks with it – you can convert it from FLV to MP4 and vice versa, you can clip it and leave out any unwanted parts, improve the image quality, extract its audio stream and save it as an MP3 file, add a watermark to it, etc.

Converting Videos & Assembling Videos Downloading videos is not the only thing this app will let you do. As you keep browsing the side panel, you’ll find other helpful tools like FLV Audio Ripper, FLV Converter and FLV Maker. Despite the name of the software, you can save videos in other file formats besides FLV. In fact, you can add several different video files and convert them to some of the other available video file formats.  Each format is placed in a category, such as mobile devices, personal computer, etc. The one you choose depends on where you intend the video to be played back.  If you want to customize the quality settings, you can do that too.


  • Occasionally need to switch browsers for quality
  • Converts to multiple output formats
  • Shows an erratic behavior at times
  • Converts FLV to MP4 only
  • Download videos in batches
  • Extracts the audio to an MP3 file
  • Record streaming video
  • Includes 4 built-in popular browsers
  • Cannot download files with trial version
  • Add creative effects to your videos
  • Hope that the software will be better and better, and I will always continue
  • buy something else, ANYTHING else. save your sanity
  • The downloading of Youtube videos is really fast
  • It works for me so I have no problems with it
  • took my money efficiently
  • I hope they make this right. Right now I am embarrassed, ashamed, (I thought I knew better) and really feel duped) Don’t buy this guys unless some of us get results and you see much better reviews. PLEASE!
GetFLV pre-Activated Free Download

A Flash video application for conversions and downloading GetFLV 22 pre-Activated is an excellent tool to download Flash files from the Internet. Manage the download of FLV files from YouTube and other websites thanks to GetFLV 22 full version setup Download GetFLV 22.2020.5588 Full Version Registration Code – A powerful software utility that promises to download video files at the highest quality and convert to a large variety of formats It's extremely difficult to resist the temptation of taking a pit stop on an entertainment website while browsing the Internet. However, even for work related projects, you might need videos found on such web pages which mostly lack a download function. Luckily, with the help of applications like GetFLV 22.2020.5588 full version serial keys you can easily get ahold of videos from the Internet in no time.

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minor adjustments
Added Repair FLV

GetFLV 2.3 preactivated, GetFLV 2.1 free

11 thoughts on “GetFLV 22.2020.5588 free

  1. Consequently, this app does not analyze or help you to figure out in advance if there are problems before conversion – trial and error. Also will encourage you to pay the $9.99 annual subscription fee after each use. I think it’s worth considering the annual fee if you use heavily.

  2. It is a relatively large program, but I am blessed with two newer machines with 1GB RAM and largeHDs. The options screen has almost too many choices, which may put off less-experienced users, but too many options is much better than too few. I can only say, “Thank you,” to the folks that made this first class solution available to the rest of us.

  3. It’s a slow, resource heavy software. Use it only on a mac. Not recommended for PC’s.

  4. It’s a beauty in design but fails miserably in performance. There are a number of instances where the computer freezes up after system scanning or a reboot. The only way to correct this flaw is to deactivate the antivirus guard at the earliest possible opportunity. It’s not a bad program overall, but with a glitch like this, it makes it impossible to use and have had to uninstall it and revert back to Avira, still the leader in antivirus protection.

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