Google Chrome Portable 88.0.4324.104 full version

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Google Chrome Portable 88.0.4324.104 pin is a web browser that runs web pages Each of us has a preferred browser and we like to access certain websites on a regular basis. This is why a portable browser is the ideal choice to keep our favorite webpages at hand, while still retaining the reassuring feeling of working with a familiar browser. Google Chrome Portable premium is among the first such applications that comes to mind when looking for a browser that runs great out-of-the-box. It is updated on a regular basis, but, unlike its desktop counterpart, each new release needs to be downloaded separately and installed on top of the old one.

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Download Google Chrome Portable free full download – Navigate your favorite websites over the Internet and open locally stored web pages with the help of this fast, intuitive browser Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It’s famous because of its speed and for how it integrates into Google’s different services, amongst many other things. And it wouldn’t be so successful if all users were aware of what this company does with our browsing data but we’re not here to spoil your eagerness to download this Chrome Portable.

Tab support and private browsing

The thing that puts Google Chrome aside from all the others browsers ever since it was launched is that each tab has its own running process (tab isolation), so that when one of them crashes you can simply close the tab, so you are not forced to shut down the entire application. Another aspect that might convince users to choose Google Chrome as their default browser is that it automatically offers translation for the pages that are in foreign languages, thus saving them the time they would otherwise spend looking for an online translation service.


  • Can’t see any yet.
  • Fix to issue with flash player crashing all the time…and you get 5 stars!
  • Flash player crashes constantly, can’t use it for more than 10 or 15 minutes without this happening on Google TV. On my computer, it’s fine and i don’t seem to have any issues.
  • Nothing positive about this app
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Make sure you always carry around the advantages of Google’s browser. It comes along with all the features of the original Chrome that you know off by heart thanks to its version for PC, Mac or Android, including the following: The main advantage of this portable version of Chrome is that you don’t have to install anything. Just double click on the file and start browsing the Internet.

System Requirements for Google Chrome Portable 88.0.4324.104:

What’s new in Google Chrome Portable?

Security Fixes:
200001073015 High CVE-2020-6465: Use after free in reader mode.
High CVE-2020-6466: Use after free in media.
High CVE-2020-6467: Use after free in WebRTC.
High CVE-2020-6468: Type Confusion in V8.
High CVE-2020-6469: Insufficient policy enforcement in developer tools.
Medium CVE-2020-6470: Insufficient validation of untrusted input in clipboard.
Medium CVE-2020-6471: Insufficient policy enforcement in developer tools.
Medium CVE-2020-6472: Insufficient policy enforcement in developer tools.
Medium CVE-2020-6473: Insufficient policy enforcement in Blink.

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24 thoughts on “Google Chrome Portable 88.0.4324.104 full version

  1. You should mention that it requires MS Access or MySQL. Would have saved me the download! 🙁

  2. None. This program is great. And when it gets to be less than great after an update, Auslogics fixes it fast. I love it.

  3. Help file is a little anemic. Need more educative material rather than mere overview of relatively self-explanatory user interface. Also, wish it supported the larger DVD format (dual layer?) for highest quality video on longer-run videos.

  4. There were several misunderstandings that have been clearly explained and solved by Acronis Support Team.

  5. This is the worst amateur piece of software I have ever used. It crashed 3 times int eh first 24 hours I had it installed.

  6. Limited colors and materials, can’t add accessories to the catalog, can’t undo or redo

  7. Sorry, but I’m trying to cover this backup / drive clone thing i one place. Guess this takes more savvy then this old man has to use this program successfully. Farstone Technology’s Drive Clone Pro is also slow and requires it’s own storage spot. It prompts that all other data on the target drive will be lost. But (and I’m not one that likes Norton) Norton Ghost v12 and up is amazing. If you look at my reviews, you will see that “amazing” is a term I’ve never before used.

  8. Well they do need to add the ability to back up to DVD cause alot of computers are getting dvd writers as defaultes put in to them its time to go with the times :S.

  9. Not really functional for serious stuff, it adds a very long advertising frame to the slideshow.

  10. i got this 3D app’ with Train 4 Trade Skills Plumbing course and to me it seems the slowest thing in the known universe can anyone tell me anything that may help. My 1st thought was how old my system is but i’m sure it’s nothing to do with that, i’m running Win XP/intel pent’4 I’ve tryed changing settings & reinstalling it but i keep getting IE has had to close this instalation blah! blah! blah! S i go back to default & man its so slow. Pls, Pls, Please can any1 help…….Steve

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