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Instant Mask is a very simple tool created with the purpose of allowing you to remove the entire background or specific portions of it from your photos. Though the task of removing backgrounds from photos might sound very intricate and suitable only for professionals, this tool makes this task suitable for anyone. That’s because Instant Mask is a tiny free tool with a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Besides zooming the loaded photo, you can also fiddle with some markers that will help you determine the areas of the photo (the background) which you want to keep or remove. Its previewing function is also very handy.

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InstantMask 1.4 pin is a lightweight and simplistic application that you can use to remove backgrounds from images in a friendly environment. It supports the PNG, JPG, JPEG and BMP formats. The interface of the program is represented by a simple window with a plain layout. Opening an image file is done by using only the file browser, since the "drag and drop" method is not supported. So, you can use two separate markers to draw around the area you want to keep and to move, respectively. Applying the new modifications is done with the simple click of a button.

In addition, you can zoom in and out of the picture, as well as save the resulted photo to the JPG file type. Unfortunately, there are no other options available through this tool. For instance, you cannot minimize InstantMask Full Version portable to the system tray area or make it automatically run at system startup. InstantMask cracked runs on a moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and quickly applies the new image modifications. We have not come across any problems throughout our testing; the app did not hang, crash or display error notifications. All in all, InstantMask 1.4 full version is a decent application for removing backgrounds from photos, although it has not been updated for a pretty long time.


  • Free
  • Very simple and easy-to-use
  • The results are not of the best quality (accuracy-wise)
  • Neat, lightweight and resource-friendly
  • You have to keep adjusting the marker placements in order to get the portion of the background you want removed to keep from taking away the part you want to keep. There is no undo button or option so you must start from the beginning by selecting the same picture from start. In order to perfect the edges and background removal you must toggle between the preview and the original image in order to remove additional spots that it didn’t clear. So, you must specifically remember what spot was still there in the preview in order to remove it in the original image. It works but is very time consuming if you need a picture detailed properly.
  • I recommend this highly. Does what it says & does it well!
  • Only 2 options, remove marker and keep markerNo undo or redo button/optionToo simplistic with limited features
  • Removes background eventuallyYou can save the picture after background has been removedAllows you to zoom in and out of the picture for detailing edges
  • Maybe the premium version is better, or it might be its only ok when background is near enough one colour and same contrast, but who has many of those photos.I think the guy that gave it 4 stars must own the program. Just wasted an hour
  • portrait photo edges were missing, ear was missing, pix-elated around most edges of subject. Tried 3 different photos. not worth spending time with.
InstantMask full

Anyway, don’t expect the results to be accurate. It’s a very simple, minimalistic, free tool after all, and not a direct challenger for Photoshop. For very basic background removal needs, Instant Mask is perfect for the job, but for intricate tasks, look somewhere else. There’s also a non-free Instant Mask Pro edition which is much more advanced and includes many additional handy features and could represent a better choice for the more complicated jobs. Even so, Instant Mask is a nice little tool worth being given a try whenever you need a very simple solution for photo background removal.

System Requirements for InstantMask 1.4:

  • Intel or AMD CPU
  • 500 MB RAM
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Victor Zaguskin
  • Last version 1.4

What’s new in InstantMask?

Many usability fixes, upgraded documentation.
Jpeg file extension and other extensions support
Works faster and with better quality, takes less memory, changed marker color.
Improved edges smoothness and performance

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26 thoughts on “InstantMask 1.4 patched

  1. This is a fail because it stole malwarebytes database.
    According to malwarebytes, they put a fake malware sample. The malware was checked again on iobit and it tends to have it too. Malwarebytes demands it to clean its database out

  2. Doesn’t open PDF’s and wiped out 6.0. I can’t open PDF’s. Tried to reinstall 6.0 but it didn’t work. Sorry I tried 7.0

  3. The simpleness is somewhat limiting. It is easy to get bored, yet keep playing. It’s like eating potato chips, you just keep on eating/playing long after it is no longer satisfying.

  4. I tried to uninstall Norton Security off my PC with this software. It said it uninstalled the software and all traces of registry. I reboot and the software is still there. What a joke !

  5. Item needs to be allowed to stay on top and have items behind it see thru it using vista technology.

  6. Great tool and addition for unwanted Malware! It doesn’t take up much space, as well and you would really benefit from it.

  7. > couldn’t remove some Kaspersky Int Sec 2012 files
    > doesn’t remove desktop shortcuts

  8. It screwed up my computer no end. Had trouble uninstalling even using Revo uninstaller I had to do a number of manual deletes

  9. They’ve gone to the “My Weekly Reader” format with large fonts, lots of white space. When I first opened it, I had to scroll down 2 screens to see the bottom of the page. They force users into their cloud and by default turn on tracking.

    If you feel like giving it a try, DO NOT DELETE YOUR OLDER INSTALLER. You may very well want to uninstall this version and reinstall the earlier one – which works just fine. I think that “DC” stands for Dog Cr…

  10. Simply run a malware scan after downloading and it’ll be fine, the program itself is just fine.

  11. That you can only download files one by one. (but it makes it faster). two thumbs up!!

  12. With their kind of service and support ,I just can’t see how you can go wrong with any of there products!

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