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jZip full version free

This free utility offers a simple and straightforward interface with clear oversized icons to create a new archive, open an existing one, add files to an archive, extract and view the contents of an archive file, and to change the style of the interface. To make things easier, you can drag and drop files onto the main window to create new archives or to add files to existing ones. You will be presented with interesting details about the file types, their size, the compression ratio, and the resulting compressed size.

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  • Create Zip compatible files
  • Unzip any Zip file archives
  • Supports other archive formats like TAR, GZip & RAR
  • Improved compression ratio
  • Fast compression engine
Based on the open-source 7z compression algorithm, jZip Full Version license code is an excellent free archiving tool that you can use to extract any 7Z, ZIP, RAR, JAR, TAR, ISO, or ARJ archive (among many other formats) and create ZIP, TAR, GZip, and 7Z archives quickly and efficiently. You can add encryption to your archives for extra security, and split or merge any of the supported archive files in a snap.

001-type smaller files according to your choice of size in MB. In this dialog, you’ll also find the option to merge various archives into one single file for easier distribution. jZip 2.0 Full Version Registration key is an excellent, easy-to-use, and completely free archive creation and extraction tool on par with many of its commercial counterparts, including WinZip. It comes with all the basic tools you need to manage your archives and to open and decompress nearly all known archive types.


  • Fast archiving process
  • Support for ZIP, RAR, and 7Z files
  • No drawbacks detected
  • Archive encryption
  • Splits and merges archives
  • Do not download! get 7-zip or WinRAR instead.
  • I deleted the file and I’ll stay away from this software.
jZip Full Version Activator

If you were looking for an alternative compression program that included all the functions that could be asked for from a utility of this kind, jZip 2.0 patched is the perfect solution. Furthermore, it offers two additional bonuses, it’s free and in constant development. Archives files in Zip, RAR, 7-Zip, GZip, and TAR formats jZip full version free is a new compression utility for Windows. jZip 2.0 Full Version Serial Key supports multiple popular archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, 7z, ISO, TAR and GZip. It is fully compatible with archives created by other utilities such as WinZip, WinRar and 7-Zip.

System Requirements for jZip 2.0:

  • Homepage: www.jzip.com
  • Author Discordia Limited
  • Last version 2.0

Why can’t jZip extract files with an SWF extension?

You can’t open with jZip SWF files because SWF (Shockwave Flash Movie) is an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript. You can try to open this type of files with Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Dreamweaver or Eltima SWF & FLV Player. With jZip you can open files like Zip, TAR, GZip, 7-Zip, RAR or ISO.

What’s new in jZip?

Added "webmail compression tool" – compresses file attachments on-the-fly.
Fixed a bug in which the shell context menu wasn't shown, when working on 64bit operating systems.
Fixed text cut issue on the "action" stroller (in "add files" dialog), under windows 2000.
Fixed issue with wrong text being displayed, when clicking on "more" button on the "add files" dialog.
Status line now shows information regarding split archives (Actual size, archive size, number of parts).
Added estimated number of split parts, when trying to split existing archive.
Fixed issue in which "save location" wasn't saved, when creating new archive from the shell context menu.
Fixed file association problem, which occurred after running CCleaner registry scan.
Added "promotional link" feature.
Added more sorting options to the "view ? sort" menu.
Re-arranged the sort list, under "configuration ? style ? sort by"

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47 thoughts on “jZip 2.0 full setup

  1. Just installed and successfully used this software. At first glance was a bit unusual for me but I could pretty fast get how to use it – just need to read the instructions that are brief (typically one or two sentences). So I think I have found what I needed for my bank reconciliations.

  2. I am disturbed you would recommend Uniblue. I had disastrous results, Microsoft Certified does not mean much anymore. MS was fined by the European Court with 6 BILLION $. Time Magazine called “Vista” the “Worst Computer Product of the Decade.”

  3. The new Digital Edition is directly interfaced with a Flash supporting program that’s in Beta. It does not allow for new PDF files to be viewed otherwised.

  4. It’s Bloated: Each year more useless rubbish is added just to keep the Marketing Department happy.

    It’s Slow: It brings my 6 month old Intel i5 laptop with 8GB RAM to a crawl. You should not need to use the very latest top-end hardware just to be able to back up your files.

    It’s Invasive. It hooks into the operating system in all sorts of unnecessary ways. It removes standard Windows features and gives you no control over the level of shell integration.

    It’s badly programmed. It uses all sorts of legacy proprietary filters when it could instead use standard Windows ones (which would be much safer). Developers flatly refuse to address this issue.

    It’s Dangerous. This program FREQUENTLY stops working for no reason, and it can trash your system if you try to uninstall it (gets stuck in infinite loops or constant Blue Screen crashes).

    Unhelpful Staff. If you dare to complain about any of these issues, your comments will be deleted from the Acronis forum (and you may get banned too).

  5. The Babylon Toolbar is the biggest infection I have yet had on my computer! Two computer recoveries and still…it’s hidden in Mozilla Firefox when that gets downloaded. I am so ticked off. Even after uninstalling the stupid thing, it still appears upon opening up Chrome when I “had” a current homepage to open. It comes with Mozilla Firefox. Keep in mind Babylonian’s….no matter what you create, you will NEVER match Google or any other search method.

  6. I have a wireless network, so people steal internet and make the network busy. So now I can control my network.

  7. This software downloads some sort of download management software that just sits there and won’t install anything. I’ve tried to find a fix, because, yes, I would like to see my weather radar functioning again, but enough is enough. Adobe, FIX THIS!

  8. Slow
    Ugly toolbar icons look like something from 1991
    Email button doesn’t attach the current document more than half the time
    Did I mention slow?

  9. Several versions ago it was one of the best data secure deletion softwares out there but that was several versions ago! Now it’s nothing but trouble and has been the cause of several freeze ups and crashes on my computer!

  10. The Cnet downloader came with Webroot Secure Anywhere as an optional addition. I’ve used Webroot products and trust them, so I clicked “agree” to install it. Without asking permission, it made a full scan of my system, found 3 instances of malware and removed them. One it considered malware was the Cnet installer. Webroot then rebooted, scanned again, found 1 more malware, removed it, scanned again foun 6 more malwares 1/2 of which were those it had removed the first two times. It removed the file I’d come to Cnet to download, I feel it did this because the installer had an .exe.exe extension, often a sign of malware. After all this, scanning/rebooting 3 times, the software I wanted from Cnet had been removed! In the future I will seek elsewhere for my software downloads, I refuse to use download.com until that irritating Installer is no longer a part of Cnet. Download.com worked quite well without that installer, and I won’t visit download.com again until Cnet ceases to use it.

  11. I think it’s fantastic. After Instagram decided to selfishly install all those updates, I haven’t been able to post pictures in three months. Now I can (:

  12. It can’t strip mp3s or join files, but if this app did all that, it would surely rule the world, and no piece of software should have that much power.

    There’s also a nag screen after evey conversion, but it’s extremely polite and unobtrusive.

  13. The backup stopped working after saving 30 GB, and the sync was hogging my entire PC, I couldn’t use my pc . I called the helpdesk but they asked to pay for support. I sent several emails also but received a useless response after days. Two weeks later, I was still struggling to get help. I asked for refund but they refused. Eventually I had to abandon the backup and deleted the software. My lost at Acronis gain – they made the profit so they don’t care what happen thereafter.

  14. This software that seems to be very nice from the outside actually destroys all the important settings required to run your pc smoothly disabling or destroying most of the applications it makes your pc unbootable. This results in a complete erase of all data and let me tell you there is no solution to the destruction caused by this software except for the installation of a newer windows system.That is passing through a big hastle of updating it again.Very destructive software designed to make people a fool!

  15. interesting game I waited to play, super graphics, I had a lot of AOE games, but this is the best game I have played, ever.

  16. If you ask LibreOffice to do anything special it will screw up. It crashes all the time, and the last time I almost lost my end of term paper.

  17. MovieOrganizer is still free. The problem is this site. Everytime you try to download MO you are redirected to MovieCollector, that is a pay program.

  18. This new version is a radical departure from the simple and basic features of Acrobat Reader XI. There are way too many bells and whistles for the typical home user of this product. Not only that, but many features look like they are available until you click on them and then they want $$$$ to use them. This just goes to show how greedy Adobe Systems is.

  19. Streaming videos from Youtube or any other source cannot be captured with Realplayer. This has been a problem since June 2012, and they still haven’t fixed it even though there have been several updates.

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