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KeyTweak 2.3.0 serial keys is a free keyboard remapper for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7. It makes use of Microsoft's Scancode Map registry key to remap your keyboard. Download KeyTweak Full Version Serial Key – Remap keys on your keyboard quickly and easily, using this lightweight, minimalistic application with a comprehensive user interface KeyTweak 2.3.0 crack lets you perform keyboard reconfiguration functions. The interface of the tool is pretty straightforward to understand. It displays a virtual keyboard which is supposed to represent your keyboard. The keys are numbered, starting from 1 and ending at 126. Choose the key that you want to reconfigure and then remap it accordingly. Apply the modifications once you’re done. Multimedia keyboards have special buttons which can be remapped too, such as Mute, Volume Up, Eject, and Play. You can also do the same for the buttons found in web browsers, such as Home, Back, Refresh, Stop, and Forward. The same goes for power management too, such as Power Off and Sleep.

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The good thing about the application is that if we make a mistake we can easily return the keyboard mapping to its original status. On the other hand, if you want to use a specific keyboard distribution for a certain program or task, you should know that you can save the configuration and load it whenever necessary. Finally, we have to mention that this software allows us to reassign functions to keys reserved for volume control or system shutdowns.

Remap keys on your keyboard quickly and easily, using this lightweight, minimalistic application with a comprehensive user interface Keyboard layout remapper KeyTweak 2.3.0 crack is a simple and useful tool that can be used to remap your keyboard on Windows computers and reassign different functions to each one of the keys KeyTweak 2.3.0 serial keys is a program you can use to change the functions of your keyboard KeyTweak 2.3.0 free download is a smart tool that was created to offer users an easy way of modifying different functions of a keyboard. It proves to be a useful solution especially for laptop owners that have trouble with damaged keys on their keyboards. KeyTweak Activation Key will edit a certain registry entry in order to change different values assigned to different keys from the keyboard. This is a safer manner of editing registry keys than manually hacking Windows registry.


  • Free program
  • Comes with a detailed help manual
  • No disadvantages have been found
KeyTweak Full Version Serial Key

All the necessary tools are available on the interface of KeyTweak 2.3.0 cracked. It displays a keyboard layout that you can use to select a specific key in order to change its function. For example, if the “Space” key is damaged and can no longer be used, you can assign its code to the Left Alt key. In a similar way, gamers can assign various functions to specific keys. KeyTweak full download comes with its own limitations. For example, it cannot handle key combinations. It was designed to work with the “scan codes” of individual keys and it won’t recognize a certain code generated by the keyboard processor for a specific keyboard shortcut. Also, the program is not able to affect the functionality of the Fn key (a modifier key on many keyboards, most recently on laptops). I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is dealing with various keyboard issues.

System Requirements for KeyTweak 2.3.0:

  • Author Travis Krumsick
  • Last version 2.3.0

I have Lenovo Yoga 710. I downloaded KeyTweak and tried to run it, but I constantly get a Run-Time Error 380 message. Any chance there’s a way to fix this?

Unfortunately, there can be a lot of causes for the Run-Time Error 380 message to appear and I couldn’t find any official way to fix it. However, in KeyTweak’s it’s related to Visual Basic 6, so make sure that VB6 is correctly installed on your system. In case that doesn’t work, here are a few solutions that usually work with Run-Time 380 errors:

  1. Run KeyTweak as Administrator
  2. Updating your video driver.
  3. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application.
  4. Check your system files by pressing Win+R, typing “sfc /scannow” (without quotes) into the Run box and pressing Enter.
  5. Make sure that you have the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library installed correctly.
  6. Clean the Windows Registry using a tool like CCleaner.
  7. Try installing or reinstalling MS Office.
  8. Reinstall your operating system.

I installed Keytweak yesterday and I changed the keyboard setting. (delete Ctrl key.) I didn’t know that I need ‘Ctrl’ key when I restart Windows. I cannot use Ctrl+Alt+De. How can I delete keytweak? Please help me.

If KeyTweak messed up your Ctrl key and want to access the Task Manager, simply right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
Alternatively, you can remove the application from your PC without the need to even press the CTRL button. Simply press the Windows one and type Uninstall or go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Locate KeyTweaks in the list and remove it, then restart the PC.

I just download Keytweak and use a Dvorak keyboard. I want to change only three keys ‘A’, ‘O’ and ‘”‘. But when I tried to use Keytweak (when I tried to swap ‘-‘ and ‘A’ it left ‘A’ where it was and put ‘”‘ where the ‘-‘ is). I tried to undo it, but the changes didn’t take efect. Now, if I type ‘-‘ then ‘”‘ comes up and the ‘A’ is still where is was. How can I overcome this?

The program was tested and it worked flawlessly. To proper change the key mapping, open the program and from its main window press the Restore All Defaults button. This will undo all the changes made until now. After you did this, press the 31 key (this is the A key) with your mouse and from the Choose New Remapping drop-down menu choose the new key. After you finished this, press the Remap Key to save the configuration. Repeat the action for other keys. You should be able to overcome any difficulties.

What’s new in KeyTweak?

Updated to support Windows Vista and Windows 7 UAC.
Bug fix: WWW Home key mapping fixed.
Bug fix: Disabled keys read from .ktw files now interpreted correctly.
Added ability to save KeyTweak remappings as files and MRU list.
Added Half Teach Mode.
Added support for extended keys through Teach Mode.
Added Teach Mode (Full).
Added Macintosh Keypad (=) key that generates LF characters.
Fixed bug: Numpad / key was not defined.
Added more specialty buttons.
Fixed bug that caused dialog box to flash just before computer is rebooted.
Fixed “Show Me the Raw Map” function.

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17 thoughts on “KeyTweak 2.3.0 portable

  1. Thank you so much. It worked for me after disabling End key. Laptop repair shop was asking me to change keypad for considerable bucks for that haha. Thank you so much for saving my money

  2. Fantastic piece of software! On my laptop the NumLock was aside the backspace and I always tapped the NumLock accidently. I now remapped the NumLock to backspace also and so now this annoying feature is over. Thanks a lot, folks, you are doing a great job!!

  3. Thanks. On my Toshiba laptop (Windows 10), I was always hitting the left control when I wanted the left shift key. Now they are both left shift keys. Very easy to use and reset. Recommend!

  4. Thank you so much for this download! I had just purchased a Lenovo V110 Laptop and was struggling with the positioning of the “Right Shift Key”. For some reason, they have placed a “Page Up” button in its place, and moved the shift key one button over, which is too far to reach if you’re used to “touch typing”. This fix is awesome! Highly Recommend!!!

  5. The ability to move individual keys around the keyboard and emulate keys that don’t exist (I have no Windows key) is very convenient. It’s simple to use, and because it only writes the equivalent of manual edits to the Registry makes it very safe. Macro capability would earn the fifth star.

  6. Works great! I changed my Shift and UpArrow in my Lenovo Ideapad, as before it was just mapped so inconveniently.. now it ‘s super!

  7. I was so skeptical and scared to d/l from download sites, but ended up in the good with this one. It only installed what it said. I’m very pleased, thanks.

  8. Great soft! Thanx! It was very helpful for me. Remap on my Lenovo T410 keys “next page” “previous page” to “end” “home”.

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