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The DVDs just like the other variants of optical discs has a small problem, as time goes by it is possible that they will end up scratched and it will no longer be possible to read them. To avoid the loss of films and documentaries which are normally distributed in this format the best idea is to use Magic DVD Ripper 10.0.1 pre-Activated .

Copy your DVDs

The interface of Magic DVD Ripper For Windows 10 Download is divided into two part, a top part where the user will have to indicate the origin and the destination of the information, and a lower part which has two tabs depending on the users objective:

Magic DVD Ripper keygen

As the source format, the application supports not only several types of discs but also DVD images and folders. Fortunately, it allows copying double-layer discs to 4.7Mb DVDs in three different ways. If you prefer to keep the original image quality, you can split the contents into two different discs. Another option is to save space by eliminating unwanted audio tracks, subtitles, titles, menus and trailers. In this regard, the tool can analyze the DVD structure and let you decide what to keep. On the other hand, if you would like to preserve the original structure, the program can automatically reduce quality so that the film fits into a single disc.

Magic DVD Ripper For Windows Download is an application designed to create backup copies of optical discs. Transform your films into another format thanks to Magic DVD Ripper 10.0 cracked Despite the increasing popularity of Blu-ray discs, DVDs are still widely used by people all over the world, as they can store larger amounts of information compared to CDs. However, a dedicated application is needed to extract data from DVDs, and such a tool is Magic DVD Ripper Full Version Activator . The software solution installs without any issues so that both beginners and experts alike can enjoy its functions without a lot of effort. Once the main window is accessed, users can specify the action they want to perform: backup their disc or convert it to another format.


  • It allows shrinking DVD9 discs
  • It allows selecting what specific contents to keep
  • It can process DVD batches
  • It is easy to use
  • It cannot burn discs
Magic DVD Ripper Full Version license code

Users who want to extract their DVD contents and export it to another format can select the target device they want to play the movie on, such as iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Android smartphones or other handsets. Once they choose the device, they can assign a name to the output movie, as well as select the split mode, then start the ripping process. Another feature of Magic DVD Ripper 10.0.1 Full Version keygen is its batch mode which comes in handy to all those who want to process several clips at the same time. Overall, the application can prove a useful tool when it comes to backing up DVDs or ripping them to other formats so one needs to make the most of the evaluation period, so as to decide whether they want to purchase a license or not.

System Requirements for Magic DVD Ripper 10.0.1:

  • 512 MB of RAM
  • A DVD-ROM Drive
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Magic DVD Software Inc
  • Last version 10.0.1

What’s new in Magic DVD Ripper?

Big upgrade for cracking the new protection DVDs "The Girl on the Train", "Captain Fantastic", "I, Daniel Blake", "The Light Between Oceans", "Ballerina" etc. whose main movie the old version can not read.
Add all the current decryption files into the setup file, including the popular newly-protected DVDs, such as INSANITY MAX:30 Workout, The Expendables 3, Tyler Perry's a Madea Christmas etc.
Add some new profiles like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus etc.
Fix some minor bugs.
Add all the current decryption files into the setup file, including the popular newly-protected DVDs, such as Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, Instructions Not Included, P90X3 series, The Lone Ranger, World War Z, Monsters University, Red 2, A.C.O.D. – Adult Children of Divorce, Escape Plan, Ender's Game, Nebraska, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire etc.

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28 thoughts on “Magic DVD Ripper 10.0.1 registeration keys

  1. Excellent software. With very small footprint, but at the same time it’s an extremely powerful utility. Costs nothing in comparison to the benefits it provides from saving power electricity.

  2. Nothing much it can do, just changing the light, sepia or color filter. Not even red-eye correction. It still needs other photo editing software for editing. You are not missing anything. Some third party application come with your printer might do a better job.

  3. This software did not work for my needs. It is an excellent program but I just simply could not get it to work for me.

    They recently changed our email system at work and my system has since been bogged down while using Outlook. I am still in process of finding a client that I like.

  4. I like to limit the scan frequency. Some recommended actions are leading nowhere (500 screens or the requested version has been downloaded , but not recognized by your program. And since I can’t exclude the programs, I am stuck in a loop.

  5. it added the subtitles and and couldn’t figure out how to turn it off converting from vob to avi

  6. This app is nice. Lots of bells ans whistles, but it is listed as free and it is not. The publishers site liists this as a 30 free trial. After which it is $9.00 a year for 1 computer.

  7. I felt sorry I spent that money on that software. A lot of problems are related to it, the developer does not update the software. If you keep contacting them, they never reply. The software is full of bugs. Please save that money. Free. CoolEdit is 1005% better.

  8. these have got to be fake reviews, this program did very little. it ran but there wasn’t any difference. actually it seemed to reboot slower, mainly because it removed some needed files. normal everyday maintenance will do the same thing this does and it wouldn’t cost you $30.

  9. Download 8.1.1 update and it locked our computers out of our office network. Had to uninstall adobe 8 and reset office network.

  10. ı can not use my webcame on the messenger .ıf ı dont use ıt on the messenger ıt ıs ok ,ı can see myself or take photo but web cam icon is not working . what can be the problem ?

  11. Privacy Scan flags 16 Fire-Fox files as probable problems and they cannot be repaired or cleaned

  12. Still slow conversion, and massivly slows up my computer with 4g of ram. I cannot even listen to itunes while this program is running.

  13. Many. Files dont show up on PS3 even after a full restart of the entire network still only a few managed to make it to the library and then they dont even work..even though its supposed to transcode on the fly. Even if they all would of came up. Streaming doesnt function as advertised, no transcoding ect

  14. There hass only been a few games that i have played that i have not been able to use this program.

  15. Print function is a bit clunky, but once figured out, sufficient. Wish categories could also be color-coded. Wish completed items would automatically be deleted (or at least wish I had the option to set that preference).

  16. The app uses about 80% of your pc’s memory! That means you cant even open up windows explorer without wondering how much space is left on your hard drive

  17. Wouldn’t delete a single file and always says complete with errors.

    Do not use this anal wipe of a software

  18. Acronis has totally abandoned True Image Home 2010 (it’s now 2012) denying even pay-per-incident technical support. I can only believe they are trying to force users to buy their less flexible (a per cpu license) and buggy new version of True Image. Typical scripted Bangalore technical “support” service and maddeningly circular and useless web support. Added a UEFI GPT disk and the Acronis patch to support this common disk format won’t install (I’m a consulting software engineer and pretty PC savvy).

  19. It does not have the ability to copy and paste out of the docs, probably to force an upgrade.

    This ability must be restored.

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