MathMagic Personal Edition 5.11 full version with keygen download

MathMagic Personal Edition Full Version pre-Activated

This is only the personal edition of MathMagic Personal Edition 5.11 full version with keygen download free. If you are looking for additional features, then make sure to check out MathMagic Pro Edition, as it comes bundled with extra fonts, offers support for InDesign and Quark plugins, and allows batch conversion for more than 10 files, among others. Nevertheless, MathMagic Personal Edition Full Version Free Crack is worth taking into consideration as a serious software program for creating math equations in a simple manner.

MathMagic Personal Edition Full Version Registration Code

One easy way to learn on the go is to read the Tip of the Day window displayed at startup if it’s so configured. You can configure this option from the very same window. Each startup is a new tip so you can try them out and remember them easy. This edition of MathMagic is available to buy online for $ 89.95. If you are a previous user of MathMagic, you can check what the differences are between the last edition and the older ones. A program that lets you create mathematical equations easily Download MathMagic Personal Edition 5.11 Full Version serial code – Create and edit equations and mathematical expressions with this powerful piece of software, that allows you to save your work to numerous accessible image and document formats

Alternatively, you can insert equation samples to make your job easier and simply edit them. It is possible to change an object's color and size, font type, equation style (e.g. function, variable, vector, text) and format (e.g. alignment, spacing, nudge, fence adjustment). Once the project is completed, you can copy it as an image (PNG, BMP, WMF, JPG, GIF), PDF, MathML, AMS LaTeX, LaTeX, plain TeX, MediWiki (TeXvc), AsciiMath, speech text, Google Docs or Zoho equation, or Wolfram Alpha, as well as save it to file for further modifications or convert its format into something else.


  • It can result quite expensive considering it’s an accesory application
  • It allows exporting the expressions
  • It doesn’t include local help information
  • It’s very powerful yet easy-to-use editor
  • It offers the Tip-of-the-Day assistance at startup
MathMagic Personal Edition Full Version serial code

Create and edit equations and mathematical expressions with this powerful piece of software, that allows you to save your work to numerous accessible image and document formats MathMagic Personal Edition 5.11 registered is one of the several editions of this application. Very well suggested by its name, this program is oriented to people who works with numbers and equations and need to created complex expressions to include in digital documents and texts. It’s pretty similar to the equations editor included in Microsoft Word, only a little more sophisticated and complete.

System Requirements for MathMagic Personal Edition 5.11:

  • About 30MB of hard disk space for complete installation
  • CPU: Pentium or faster
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author MathMagic
  • Last version 5.11

What’s new in MathMagic Personal Edition?

Changed: Improved Toolbar and Palette effects.
Fixed: Could not open EPS when it was saved with some European characters in the file name.
Added: New Light Gray Design for palettes and buttons supported together with the Legacy Design.
Added: View menu -> Palette Size for Light Gray palettes now supports up to 300%.
Changed: Triple-click selects the whole line, and it replaced the double double-click action.
Changed: Some messages and UI improved.
Fixed: Shift-click selection did not extend the previous selection.
Fixed: Shift-Up/Down Arrow selection followed by Delete key deleted extra line incorrectly.

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18 thoughts on “MathMagic Personal Edition 5.11 full version with keygen download

  1. BUT i am not conviced on this yet i keep it as a third browser but i will test it later no sure about how much of Internet Explorer is in this yet and about how safe this is and how well pop blocker and add blocker works OWell like i said a lot more testing for me on this i like it better than AVANT

  2. After installation, free subscription required to unlock a few features and get free key via email. Never tested it. Kept chrashing.

  3. Would have gotten 5 stars if it could do time lapse still captures and capture more than one device at a time.

  4. Serves ALL of my purposes! All I needed was a copy to image and from image type program. The rest of the program is like a collection of bells and whistles to me, and like like bells and whistles!

  5. Hardly a complaint but the deep discounts on bundled products are at times hard to keep track of. I know, “discounts are a con?” Yes, I like to purchase bundles and it can be a headache tracking what is with each new price.

  6. 1. I wish it had a way to link to other parts of the same outline (kind of a bookmark-like feature). Not really necessary, just a nice-to-have.
    2. It’s very easy to copy/paste an image into the notes pane of an outline, but doing so has a HUGE impact on file size. Adding 3 JPGs, under 1MB each, to a 60K AO file resulted in an overall file size of 23MB!
    3. Customer support is so-so. They did reply to feedback when I initially installed, and again when I accidentally replied to them instead of a colleague regarding an e-mailed year-end special, but they haven’t replied to a couple of general UI feedback/feature request/tech support-ish kinds of questions. There’s no forum, for users to help each other, and most google hits on ActionOutline are for download sites. At least it is so intuitive that it’s pretty easy to figure out how to do what you want or to determine that it isn’t possible.

  7. Not a BAD program but does ALOT of things and not VERY great at any of them, so JACK OF ALL TRADES BUT MASTER OF NONE… The WORST part is that this program is IDENTICAL to “Advanced Batch Converter” so it seems someone defected from one company and started a rival firm. Sadly, the interfaces are IDENTICAL, options are IDENTICAL, even the PROBLEMS are IDENTICAL… How sad is that where you CLONE someone else’s software but do not even bother IMPROVING it or making it look ANY DIFFERENT… Anyway, this program seems solid and has ALOT of options but we will just take a snapshot of ONE EXAMPLE. ICONS are NOT handled properly and you cannot save multiple icon dimensions into one ICON file, like 16X16, 32X32, etc. Worse, it does NOT handle transparencies correctly and forget about supporting Windows VISTA icons let alone Windows XP icons. Stay away from BOTH programs unless you have NO CHOICE because I HATE COPYCATS…

  8. i thought this one was going to be an reliable program, but i was wrong. You can do a lot of things with 1 click, but to fix your computer using this software it’s not one of them. It did found a lot of bugs and it supposedly fix them, but my pc feels the same (slow) and when I run it again, it found the same problems. So? I don’t get it.

  9. Backup schemes do not preform as expected.
    Not clear how to perform a full backup when needed.
    Poor usability throughout the software.

  10. … but after having it installed for a few weeks Norton Antivirus informed me of a Trojan coming from this program. The program tried to start itself, but Norton noticed this and the program was banned from my system.

  11. Slightly complex objects made in Pages won’t display but are okay in other PDF viewers.
    Had to fiddle with settings to get proper print options to be visible.
    Install somewhat inflexible.

  12. Tried converting 3 times before guessing it wont work until I pay for software. I didn’t need to be messed around and be insulted by a cheap scam.

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