mp3DirectCut 2.29 full version crack

mp3DirectCut Full Version Free Crack

  • Non-destructive cut, copy, paste
  • Volume change, fade, normalize
  • MP3 recording with ACM or Lame encoder
  • Fast MPEG visualisation and easy navigation
  • Layer 2 support (dvd/dvb audio)
  • AAC support
  • Batch processing
  • Cue Sheet support
  • Pause detection
  • Auto cue (track dividing by time values)
  • Track splitting with filename and tag creation
  • Trim · Crop · Fast play · Loop play
  • ID3v1.1 tag editor · ID3v2 tag keeping
  • VU meter · bitrate visualisation
  • High speed recorder
  • Command line usage
  • Unicode support

mp3DirectCut Full Version Free Crack

mp3DirectCut pre-Activated Free Download gives you the tools you need to remove sections of a video and then reattach the other sections to create a smooth finished product. The intuitive interface makes the app’s features accessible to all users, and the quick processing makes completing a project an overall pleasant experience.


Nice interface: The tools and other controls for this program are clearly arrayed around the main window. There is a large time readout over the audio track visual, and three sections of controls below let you access the various Navigation, Editing, and Audio Tools.

mp3DirectCut 2.29 Registration Code is a fast and extensive audio editor and recorder for encoded MP3. Enables you to easily divide long songs into several smaller segments, detect pauses and fade tracks, record audio streams in MP3 format, and more The MP3 format will become part of music history as one of the most efficient music distribution systems, because it has allowed millions of users from all over the world to quickly increase their music collection while offering a sound quality that is similar to that of other media like the CD for example.


  • this is not a 2.11 version its 2.11 please check the links
mp3DirectCut full version serial keys

Use built-in controls and process multiple files in the same time

Playback controls are also included in the main window, allowing you to play, pause or stop a song at any point, loop a selection or play from the end or start point. You can chose to save the complete audio mix, export the current selection only and even generate CUE sheets for longer audio files. Batch process is available, enabling you to perform multiple operations with multiple items in the same time, such as cutting them at a user-defined time, fade at a specified position and automatically cue them.

Bottom line

To conclude, mp3DirectCut 2.29 Activator Free Download proves to be a pretty handy piece of software, as it provides users with a fair amount of options to keep them busy for quite a while, without putting a strain on the computer’s performance. The response time is good and our tests did not reveal any errors or freezes.

System Requirements for mp3DirectCut 2.29:

  • For MP3 play: MP3 ACM codec (present in XP/Vista/7) or mpglib.dll
  • For AAC play: libfaad2.dll
  • For MP3 recording: encoding ACM or Lame encoder DLL
  • at least 500MHz
  • Windows All, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows 2000, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Martin Pesch
  • Last version 2.29

What’s new in mp3DirectCut?

Possible startup crash fixed · Some minor improvements and corrections
Multilanguage support changed to UTF-8 / Bright symbols layout for smaller window width / Lots of minor improvements
UTF-8 character encoding for cue, project and ini files
Internal ANSI/Win98 compatibility removed
Checking 4GB size limit
Cut noise mute function
Settings button in the toolbar
Graph font localization issues fixed
Some other corrections and improvements
Append by file dropping
Multiple files can be dropped
Re-encoded save mode
Limit track time option for Batch
Gain change detection on cutting
Volume slider in text button layouts
Some corrections and improvements
File corruption bug on Split fixed
Split dialog improved
Batch dialog redesigned
Functions to set or remove Cue flags
Some corrections and fixings
MP4 demuxing by calling external ffmpeg
Bug on Xing VBR header reading fixed
Saving "Cut whole pause" setting

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  1. — How can an incremental backup of less than a weeks work take more than EIGHT HOURS!? Every week.
    –The one time I tried to use it to recover lost data, it didn’t work at all.
    — When the backup is running it sucks up 100% of your CPU resources, even on the lowest priority setting.
    — You can’t use your computer for anything else while it’s running.

  2. Very limited in functionality and options. I think the reviews are significantly over-rated, making me think the other reviewers haven’t tried other similar programs (so they don’t know what they are missing). I’d give similar reviews if this was my 1st exposure to this type of software. I tried this one because my free trial offer ended for my favorite program. I also downloaded other free programs. All free ones have their pros/cons; this one is my least favorite (being most limited). But thanks to free trials/downloads, I’m now convinced and eager to pay the $50 for the one I like.

  3. None. This program is great. And when it gets to be less than great after an update, Auslogics fixes it fast. I love it.

  4. Tried converting 3 times before guessing it wont work until I pay for software. I didn’t need to be messed around and be insulted by a cheap scam.

  5. 1 CLICK FIXER deleted good registry files claiming that they are “bad”. I had to reinstall windows.

  6. Behaves itself as malware: can’t be found in the list of programs, reminds to update itself DAILY, I still can’t find how to get rid of it.

  7. it some times takes a little bit to come up and start scanning, but when it does it is fast and accurate

  8. Not disclosed from the email that downloading is a trial product that removes previous version I had purchased.

  9. Check BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rated F. Bad service. No Phone Support. NO REFUNDS! Bad all around. You will wish you never dealt with these people. Wish I had bothered to check BBB or read all the NEGATIVE but true Reviews regarding them.

  10. I had this and ran it and it said I had no infections. I knew I did because I kept getting 3 pop up ads everytime I went to aol, yahoo, or msn home pages. I downloaded Malwarebytes and it found 27 infections in one scan and got rid of them. Also I used Panda AV and it found them, when Ad-Ware AV did not. I’d stick with Malwarebytes and Panda AV, they are the best in my opinion.

  11. I have to admit that the purchase of this program is well worth it, the freeware is awesome but the payware is exquisit

  12. I did not find it all that hard to use, but I did have to read the manual though and perform a “fdisk /mbr” manually after using the program, which is what the manual said to do for my situation. So the only thing that kept me from giving it five stars would have been if the software would have done that for me.

  13. It was good while it lasted but in looking around the web, there is nothing similar. Let me know in the comments if you find anything remotely close to this.

  14. I really can not think of any rue cons. It would be nice if the font manager function whoed the fonts, at least like Bitsttream Font Manager, preferably like character maps.

  15. I would have to say a few cons would be looking up files that are running that have been found by using hijack scan so the wrong ones dont get removed. Other than that a great program.

  16. NetCrunch is a great tool! Very easy to use and set up, and the automation features really save us time. The GUI is second-to-none.

  17. Theres nothing i dont like about this product,easy to use and gets stuff done quick.

  18. It is garbage. It was properly installed and worked for awhile, but then started puking a “cannot find ArcCon.dll” every 5 minutes, and closing the program. Ill behaved software; NOT recommended.

  19. Can’t get any audio off my video onto my PC. Anyone, any ideas? I can’t find a contact email for Granbee to ask them either.

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