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Network Monitor II 22.9 Free Download Activator is a gadget that is displayed on your desktop. It provides various information about your network, such as the current download and upload speed, and your IP-address. Before installing Network Monitor II 22.9 full download, you’ll need to install a piece of software capable of opening GADGET files. In my testing, I used a Special edition sidebar made by My Favorite Gadgets, and it worked correctly. Network Monitor II Serial Key is very configurable: every element of its interface is customizable. You can hide any elements, change their colors, etc. Furthermore, the size and units of graphs can be changed to your liking.

Network Monitor II activator

Features Display both internal and external IP address of your computer. Display download speed, upload speed and net usage. Display total downloaded/uploaded bytes, and downloaded/uploaded bytes of current session. Support both wired network and wireless network. Customize the text color of each element on the user interface. Auto update if internal/external IP changed. Save traffic counters to external file. Plus many more. Download Network Monitor II 22.9 serials – A sidebar gadget that provides information at a glance about Internet signal, your computer’s IP addresses, the traffic speed and usage

While it is possible to configure everything, it’s not easy to do so. Indeed, the settings window has 14 tabs, each with a number as their title. In order to modify some settings, you will have to click on each tab and scroll to see if there is the switch that you are looking for. Another drawback of this utility lies in its usage of the CPU. On my computer, it used around 3 percent of the CPU time on average. This is a disadvantage for laptop users, who will see a slight lowering of their battery life. In conclusion, Network Monitor II full download works nicely and its graphs make it easy to check the status of your network at a glance. Yet, its confusing configuration window might deter you from changing its settings. Network Monitor II 22.9 serials is a desktop gadget displaying the status of your network A sidebar gadget that provides information at a glance about Internet signal, your computer’s IP addresses, the traffic speed and usage


  • Complicated settings screen
  • Fine-grained configuration
  • Significant CPU usage
  • Public and local IPs are displayed
  • Graphs make is easy to see the status of the network
Network Monitor II with keygen

The Network Monitor II Full Version portable (wired and wireless) will show your SSID, signal quality, Internal IP address, External IP address with your country flag when you are connected to the internet, network utilization, upload speed, download speed and total (both current session and global) of usage. It does not require any 3rd party applications. Resizable! Save settings to file. (File will be created – Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini). Two modes. Color changeable for all gadget’s elements, including background.

System Requirements for Network Monitor II 22.9:

  • Local Network Area Connection or Wireless Connection
  • Thoosje Sidebar
  • or 8GadgetPack
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Igor "Igogo" Bushyn
  • Last version 22.9

What’s new in Network Monitor II?

Updated Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translations by akjz
Improved code.
Cosmetic changes.
Fixed "Auto pick network type" procedure. (Released at 01/18/2020).
Fixed bug with reset "Total" counters after reinitializing gadget.
Fixed bug with determining profiles.
Changed server for determining IPv6 into flyout.
Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10
Improve net usage value.
Fixed auto change DNS.

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