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The PC Suite connections, features, and add-on applications available to you after installation depend on your phone’s built-in software. This software will enable you to connect your mobile phone to any desktop PC to sync data, back up, download and install software, update software, share pictures and music between the mobile phone and PC. User-friendly and rich-featured application that helps you transfer files from mobile phone to computer or vice versa, as well as synchronize and back up data

Nokia PC Suite free

● Backup Contacts and Addresses – Backup all of the contacts and addresses from your device directly to your PC to load on a new phone. Ensure that you’re never left with a mobile device that doesn’t contain all of the essential numbers you’ve collected. ● Backup your essential information today with Nokia Suite to guarantee the files from your mobile device never get lost. Nokia Suite is available exclusively for Microsoft Windows.

Nokia PC Suite serial code is a software package used to establish an interface between Nokia mobile devices and computers that run Microsoft Windows operating system. It can be used to transfer music, photos and applications. It can also be used to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages or act as a modem to connect the computer to the Internet. A mobile phone can be connected by USB, Bluetooth, or infrared. Nokia PC Suite 7.1 Full Version Activation Code is proprietary software and is required to access certain aspects of Nokia handsets.


  • None
  • Some icons unfamiliar to new users
  • Integrates with Outlook’s address book, e-mail
  • Provides backup for data in Nokia phones
  • Works on range of PC platforms
  • It was simmple and works really well even though my bluetooth dongle is old and about the size of my arm, it works seemlessly!
  • it’s very helpfull…..
  • With Lotus Notes, it was superior to sync the NAB and calender. As of V8 of notes, it does not work and crashes your desktop client requiring a complete re-boot.
  • “old” adresses in my telephone sometimes do not get properly updated. Connection via wire is a prolbem.
  • can’t transfer programmes (not sis)
Nokia PC Suite Full Version license code

Nokia PC Suite Activation Key is a software package used to establish an interface between Nokia mobile devices…

Free and full package for your Nokia
Storing and backing up information is a must in 2020. And thanks to Nokia Suite, that process is easier than ever before. Nokia Suite is a PC based program that works directly with your Nokia mobile device to backup and store essential information. Users with nearly any Nokia phone can hook it directly to their computer, and backup their contacts, pictures, videos, and documents.

System Requirements for Nokia PC Suite

  • Nokia Mobile Phone connected to your PC
  • Available hard disk space: At least 300 MB
  • Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, XP64, Vista64, Windows 7 64
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Nokia
  • Last version

Why does it say the installation failed?

Installation fail could be related to the administrator rights. The application needs Administrator rights because it installs drivers, copies files to system folders in order to attach and identify phones. Alternatively, download a new package from the official website and right click on the package then Run as Administrator.

I downloaded the software, but the fonts are too small in comparison to other applications. How do I “enlarge” this software?

Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the fonts of Nokia PC Suite. You can check all the options of the software if you access its Help file by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard or by opening it from the Help menu:
enter image description here
For further information, you can contact the official developers of the program.

Why this version looks like the first one?

When a developer releases an update they may not necessarily change the user interface. The updates are made to fix issues, or to upgrade the transfer rate or something else. Therefore, the first version of Nokia PC Suite looks like the latest one but it doesn’t have all additional features and bugs fixed as the latest one.

When I tried connecting my Nokia Asha 501 on Nokia PC suite all my built-in apps get deleted. Several others have posted the same in Nokia discussions. Does anyone know a safe way to connect Nokia Asha 501 with PC to sync contacts and messages?

There is a new version of the software that was released after the Lumia division was acquired by Microsoft. The new version works with the Nokia Asha phones and it does not delete the apps that are already installed. I recommend downloading the latest version through the Microsoft website. Install it and then connect the phone and the apps will be there. There is no other alternative.

I don’t know how to connect it correctly, but I know an alternative, that is this software:
Maybe it doesn’t have the same functions, but it’s very good and easy to use.

It works only for andriod phones. I asked for nokia asha 501.
There isn’t an alternative.

Can Nokia PC Suite work with non Nokia phones?

No, Nokia PC Suite is designed to work with Nokia phones only. The software recognizes Nokia phones because it works in association with the drivers compatible for this type of phones. However, if you have phone from a known brand, you can be sure that there is a PC Suite application compatible with your phone.

What’s new in Nokia PC Suite?

Windows 7 support
Stability fixes

Nokia PC Suite license Key

36 thoughts on “Nokia PC Suite portable

  1. 3. When the phone connected, it reports the phone is open or something (the Nokia 1020 was locked and same when unlocked)

  2. its only a demo not the whole game. but thats what it says. gotta get the full version

  3. poor layout, not intuitive. often received erroneous reads on my backups, saying they are invalid when they are not. Problematic. Poor customer support.

  4. Would be nice to have more Bells and Whistles. It is bear bones, which sends you back to look at more programs to buy.

  5. It’s not free, but what is these days. I have not gone into all the details of this player yet, so I will let you know more later.

  6. I have the free vn. and if I keep its real-time protection enabled,it holds the Browsers(Firefox,Google Chrome and IE) from loading webpages,by deleting cookies etc. they use and the browsers hang without even closing.

  7. Does not define “dead” addresses
    While reasonable default search is present, its not intuitive
    Apparently can search multiple ranges in succession, syntax not explained
    If no system name, reports manufacturer of LAN chip (apparently) which is somewhat helpful but not documented
    while one can click through to go to HTML server for found addresses, this is not clear to a novice


  9. Asmw Eraser Pro is a free to try program, also known as try before you buy program. So to get the full version you have to pay $19.95 for this program. Or you can get free privacy cleaners like Clean Cache, Free Internet Window Washer, IE Privacy Keeper and other ones free of charge.

  10. None really, The free service finds a lot of malware but to get the full benefit of the programme it is advisable to update to pro

  11. Audio editor’s interface is unintuitive and lacks features (e.g. sound effects and audio mixing). Good for quick editing only.

  12. I f you’re a beginner to Pascal programming this is almost useless, it’s just horribly confusing. The so-called “tutorial” is so basic in it’s description of the operation of the program that it might just as well not be there.

  13. Every version of this program seems to get worse. Memory hog. Foxit Reader is a great alternative.

  14. i got this 3D app’ with Train 4 Trade Skills Plumbing course and to me it seems the slowest thing in the known universe can anyone tell me anything that may help. My 1st thought was how old my system is but i’m sure it’s nothing to do with that, i’m running Win XP/intel pent’4 I’ve tryed changing settings & reinstalling it but i keep getting IE has had to close this instalation blah! blah! blah! S i go back to default & man its so slow. Pls, Pls, Please can any1 help…….Steve

  15. I would love to download JUDY’S TEN KEY calculator but VOSTERAN tries to invade my PC with all sorts of add on/ garbage that cost me 1 hour to locate and delete. So I’m forced to look elsewhere. Otherwise it looks like a nice product.

  16. CNET link still has build 11 of Ancestral Quest 12. 13 is the current build. I emailed ancestral quest about this and their top programmer, Gaylon Findley replied that CNET must have copied rather then linked back. This way the verson is not always the latest. Gaylon Findley told me he would follow up with you. Today I tried your site and it still downloaded build 11. I have the large version of build 13 now, with all the possible dlls included, a very large file, as I now have DSL. This way I was able to get build 13 from their site. PLEASE UPGRADE YOUR SITE WITH THEIR LATEST BUILD WHICH IS NOW 13.

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