NTI Media Maker 9.0 full version with keygen download

NTI Media Maker full version with keygen download

NTI Media Maker Activation Code is a very complete set of utilities oriented to the work with multimedia. Through a nice and innovative interface, you can access to a specific utility according to the job. These programs are grouped by type, simplifying the access to all the broad set of possibilities of the program, that covers all the multimedia work process, from the complete edition to the printing capabilities of the case of your CD or DVD, including features like the media player, the Audio Editor and the backup feature (only in the Premium version).

NTI Media Maker license code

Burning discs is no longer a job for professionals, with all the dedicated software around to guide you through the process. Popular names in this industry have their designated league of fans and while most people like to stick to what they know, other less known applications are struggling to keep up. One of them is the NTI Media Maker 9.0 full version with keygen download . This application provides the means to create CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray discs and to convert, rip, edit and backup your multimedia files like a professional, while remaining accessible and easy to use.

During our tests, NTI Media Maker 9.0 full acted like a friend. It’s intuitive, easy to use and does a marvelous job. We did notice though that the application takes a little while to load its functions at times, but that also depends on your computer configuration, of course. The bottom line is that NTI Media Maker 9.0 full version free is a great alternative to the popular, but more expensive programs that most users are addicted to. If you’re willing to make a change regarding your CD burning software, this is one of the programs you should be looking at. Burn your files to CDs and DVDs from a simple, straightforward interface that allows you to complete operations in only a few steps


  • No freeware version available, only 8 languages supported
  • Centralization of great capabilities, versatile, innovative design
NTI Media Maker full version with crack and keygen

The installation process takes quite a while, given the wide range of utilities included in the installer file. NTI Media Maker 9.0 patched 9 Premium features a colorful, polished, yet professional looking interface that offers you access to all of the program’s sections. The main window of the program includes several utilities, organized in categories for Video / Audio / Data content. One of the most exciting features of the program is the Home Video Maker, which allows you to gather up your photos into unique slideshows and burn them to high quality DVDs.

System Requirements for NTI Media Maker 9.0:

  • 500 MB for program installation
  • 10 GB of working space
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray Recorded recommended
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.nticorp.com
  • Author NewTech Infosystems, Inc
  • Last version 9.0

I have downloaded NTI Media Maker Platinum 7 from the Internet, but I don’t have a serial number. Can you help me?

You should purchase the product from NewTech Infosystems, the developer of the application. Because NTI Media Maker is shareware you can’t use it free of charge. Only the trial version of the software is free, but you can use it only for 30 days.

How much does NTI Media Maker cost?

The last version of NTI Media Maker is NTI Media Maker 9.0. You can acquire it from NTI Corporation web page for 9.99 USD.

Whenever I run the NTI CD/DVD Maker software on my Windows XP SP3 PC by clicking on the desktop shortcut or from the All Programs list, a dialogue box appears saying “1% was not installed properly, or it was altered. Please reinstall the software or contact technical support”. I tried without success to download an updated version in order to fix the issue. Can you help me? I can make a screenshot with my installed program to see what is missing.

You receive this error because the software is not installed correctly or some of its files are corrupted. In order to fix the issue, remove the program from your computer using its uninstaller or Add or Remove Programs feature and run a registry cleaner to make sure that there are no leftover registry keys in your system. After that, reboot your computer and install the program again. If it doesn’t help, I suggest you contact the developers. Also, you can check Software Informer database for an alternative solution.

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  1. None that I have found up to this point. I would like a pop-up blocker with reporting added in to the interface. Maybe add some other utilities like the ability to capture screen shots automatically at a timed interval or manuall.

  2. The TRY version cant be tried as it starts and within 15 seconds closes down. I have not got the time or patience to be stuffed around with this and as a consequence will not buy it

  3. These choices are completely static. Iit’s pretty idiot-proof, barring simple bad taste. For designers, it is pretty frustrating to be limited to simple choices.

  4. I have been using this text editor for many years. It is a wonderful text editor, easy to use, user-friendly interface.

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