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Remote Desktop Control with crack

Similar to TeamViewer and VNC, Remote Desktop Control 4.0 For Windows Download is a utility that enables you to control remote computers, as well as to give access. You can use it to stay in touch with your home workstation while you're at work, for instance. The package includes the host and admin modules dedicated to providing and gaining access, respectively. You can select any of these two components during installation, or both. Note that an online account at the developer's website must be created in order to use Remote Desktop Control activator. You are also required to set up a password for remote access. Both components have a simple and intuitive interface. In admin mode you can connect to a remote PC via direct IP connection, or by sending a request email to the other user's account.

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When adding a new PC via LAN, it is necessary to write its IP address or PC name, shortcut name for managing an address book, change the default main and file transfer port, use the saved password to connect, as well as lock the mouse and keyboard of the remote machine (if these settings are allowed from the host). You can send messages and files, switch to view-only mode, transfer Clipboard contents (to or from), trigger a power management option (e.g. power on, log off), as well as install the remote host module.

Remote Desktop Control full version is a program developed by Aquatra. This program can be used at any place wherever there are several computers, such as in net-cafes, companies or at home. You will be able to quickly access and manage the desktops of network computers remotely. The program consists of two parts: a server part, that is a small program that should be installed on the computer to be controlled, and a client program that is used to access the desktop of that computer's desktop.


  • The Trial version expires after 30 days
  • Client and server applications are included
  • Password-protected connections
  • Encrypted sessions
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Remote Desktop Control with crack displays the screen of another computer Download Remote Desktop Control 4.0 keygen – Contains host and admin modules for providing access to remote computers, and for gaining it, with support for file and Clipboard content transfers To control a PC remotely you can use Remote Desktop Control full version with crack. Use any computer remotely once you have downloaded Remote Desktop Control patched on your computer Contains host and admin modules for providing access to remote computers, and for gaining it, with support for file and Clipboard content transfers

System Requirements for Remote Desktop Control

  • Network card, modem or other communication device.
  • TCP/IP Network
  • Windows All
  • Author AQUATRA
  • Last version

What’s new in Remote Desktop Control?

Remote Assistance process is much easier now than ever before:
To support remote user just send him special link via e-mail.You can get this link by clicking “Add New PC” button in the Admin Module. When user clicks this link, his PC automatically appears in your Admin’s address book and you can access it remotely.That’s it! The user doesn’t need to do anything more. It is so easy now that it is hard to believe it is possible. One-click remote assistance is real now! Just try it with the new version.
Total compatibility with Windows 7:
Hundreds of work hours were required to develop and test Remote Desktop Control product totally compatible with all editions of Windows 7 (including 64-bit versions). Updating operation system our users will not worry about compatibility.

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  1. I don’t recommend dial-up for this. I have high speed broadband and it takes a day or two for some of the files I download.

  2. I absolutely love Animation. Have been using it for years and it makes animating a breeze!

  3. There are a few parts of the program where it is missing as I had entered the serial during the free trial edition. There are a few things such as the System Information and Skins components which are missing but the full version offers those as well, though from a different link.

  4. I prefer the “right-click-on-recycle-bin” option in CC as opposed to scheduler for cleaning, but that’s just my preference, although this would definitely be my 2nd-choice, but for now it’s just over-lap of functions.

  5. After spending hours trying to install, I gave up. Live chat: no one is there. Online support: good luck. Fatal installation error, but no code given. Acronis has wrapped its’ software in so many protective layers to prevent pirating, that no one can use it.

  6. 2 Gb. limitation, come on this is 2009 not 2005. My sd card is not even close it is 32 gb.

  7. Everything about it since I can’t get it to download and install. I also don’t like the fact that it forces their Photo Album program on you.

  8. The only shortcoming I have found is that the interface is a bit complicated for my wife or other less computer-oriented folks to use. I wish they would install a way to trigger an on-demand backup (based on a predefinition) from the desktop.

  9. Very intrusive dlls may conflict with other dlls on your laptop. Both 2010 and 2011 versions were using msvcr80.dll build 8.0.0727.4053, was supposed to use 8.0.50727.762 according to the installation manifest.

  10. poor data base _ fake alert _ fake malware _ a lot of bugs _ a lot of false positive _ doesn’t remove real things _ doesn’t up date regularly _

  11. Need to have microsoft office installed on the computer to use the drag and drop of metrics in the report designer to create some custom reports.

  12. I need a product to convert PDF to powerpoint for training material i have to revise. I downloaded the trial version, and have been unable to convert a single file. Other evaluation products worked successfully

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  14. I would like more configuration options. But i guess thats what makes it so easy to use.

  15. This thing may be ok for backing up a project or cloning a disk nothing NERO can’t do. Try doing a full system backup. It can’t access other user profiles to back them up, can’t back up system files, can’t do this, can’t do that. Wouldn’t write to my DVD, kept telling me to insert a CD. Man … don’t waste your time. If you’re going to spend any money for backups, get NERO. For what I wanted, this program is totally useless!

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