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Replay Converter free full download

The app's wrapped in a standard interface with a well-organized layout. With the help of the file browser ("drag and drop" is not supported), audio and video files can be imported into the workspace. Working with multiple items in a single session is possible. The file queue reveals the path, default start time, length and status for each item. Without making any further modifications, you can initialize the conversion procedure by picking the output directory and file type.

Replay Converter Full Version portable

However, experienced users are free to tinker with audio and video properties in regard to the frame size and rate, bit rate, frequency, channel mode and volume level. Plus, you can use the source file's audio or video codec, flip the clip or disable the audio stream. Unfortunately, restoring settings to their default values or creating profiles is not possible. Another important feature of Replay Converter 5.0 full download focuses on burning data to an audio or data CD, or DVD (with the NTSC or PAL TV system type). Furthermore, you can create an ISO image on the hard drive. Other settings can be configured through the Options screen. For instance, you can enable sound alerts after a successful conversion task, disable DirectShow codecs installed by Replay Converter 5.0 full version serial keys, enable the automatic transfer of files to iTunes, as well as view log details in a plain text document.

To make things easier for all users, the program offers you a set of easy-to-understand output profiles per video or audio codec. Besides, you are given the possibility of tweaking some of the most widely used conversion settings, such as the bit rate or the frames per second. The simplicity of the program interface, together with the output profiles provided and the tool’s batch capabilities make it a multi-media converter that anyone can use and enjoy. Replay Converter 5.0 full version with keygen download is an easy-to-use application designed for audio and video conversion. It turns videos into the AVI, MPEG and WMV formats or prepares them for iPod devices (MP4 format). But it can also encode audio into MP3 or WMA for CDs, as well as extract the audio stream from video clips and save them to the aforementioned file types.


  • Supports all most popular video and audio file formats
  • Extracts and replaces the audio in video files
  • Simple and intuitive interface with selectable output profiles
  • CD and DVD burning capabilities
  • Limited configurable output settings
Replay Converter premium

Far from being just another barebones media conversion tool, Replay Converter 5.0 serial keys can also extract the audio of any video file, or replace it with a different audio stream. Besides, you can rip video from any DVD and save it in a more portable file format, or make a 1:1 copy of the original disc. Video and audio files can be clipped before conversion, so that only the selected portion is re-encoded. You can also use this versatile tool to create your own CDs and DVDs in a simple and rewarding way. Finally, the program’s support for MP4 video and M4A audio files makes it fully compatible with all your Apple devices.

System Requirements for Replay Converter 5.0:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Applian Technologies
  • Last version 5.0

What’s new in Replay Converter?

Improvements to tagging and artwork lookups
Misc fixes and improvements
DVR fix for the latest Google Chrome and Windows 10 changes
Improved HTTPS detection.
Improved HLS protocol detection
Improvements to Wistia hosted video detection
DVR Support for latest Windows 10
Improvements to Live stream Monitor features
Npcap replacement of winpcap
Misc fixes and improvement
Support for changes to youtube DASH protocol
Improved extraction engine feedback
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements
Misc fixes

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  1. As a novice, i am a little cautious about stopping some programs as I am unsure if they are critical to operation or not. I would like more guidance on what is important to operation and what is just convenient !

  2. Crash, crash, crash. If any computer novices read these reviews, we don’t mean it’ll harm your computer. When the program crashes it just crashes itself, not anythings else. (As far as I know.)

  3. I was using this to monitor an off site mail server, it went down I never got the alert, instead I got a message telling me I had to register (purchase) if I wanted to continue to get alerts. On a side note the “Register” goes to a dead link.

  4. Had to read several wizard descriptions, to make sure I got the right wizards (the software has A LOT of options). Not quite sure if this is a con, though… 🙂

  5. I’ve tried to add a host, but it wants me to get the pro version, so thus yyou are unable to make more hosts without “paying the price”.

  6. Do not download; will not uninstall. Loads ChilkatMail2.dll on registry–malware. Requires registry changes to get it off your computer.

  7. 1. Far too buggy, many of the individual programmes crash, completely unacceptable for such a critically highly rated programme.
    2. Customer support is average.
    3. Frequent updates to the programme are non-existent.

  8. Since importing graphics, I have had a few “fatal errors” when opening a saved file. I think it may be in the 3D rendering. After trying a couple of times, the file opens just as it should. Texturing of individual walls and floors would be nice.

  9. I have no restrictions. In fact, I can only say thet IObit Malware Fighter is really good.

  10. I had use PDF-XChange Viewer and think that it’s without doubt the fastest, most feature rich alternative to Acrobat available! This is the very excellent program.

  11. Currently I am using my relatives laptop computer. it is a little old. I have downloaded adobe on several hard drives and computers. Computers that are on dialup really struggle with PDF and Adobe Acrobat Readers. High speed computers with a lot of memory and a good sized hard drive do ok with large volume Adobe with it’s memory eater. I followed the instructions to the letter to try and just install the minimum and especially to just view PDF files from the net. But Adobe still installed a massive amount on the hard drive. The smaller notebooks, older computers and older OS really work too hard for PDF and Adobe related products. The older notebook I installed Adobe on became unstable, use a massive amount of the memory and gobbled up all of the power. I uninstalled Adobe, did huge cleanups and deleted as much as I could. I ended up having to full zero the hard drive and start all over. Plus i did he usual msconfig, safe mode troubleshooting, ETC. Nothing worked. Now that all is done the system is back to normal. Adobe … Please do something about this to make a smaller faster program for PDF.

  12. Disk Cleaning very long, over 4 hours to wipe a 300gb disk and over 11 hours to wipe a 1TB disk

  13. It does not play that well with the “All in one SEO” wordpress plugin in terms of letting you control the title tag.

  14. Slow in secure mode, though this is understandable given the resulting quality. Takes some time and work to get it set up properly, especially for less advanced users. Some minor issues involving CUE sheets not working properly with FLAC images.

  15. Pleasantly surprised. Downloaded the trial, bought the product. Never looked back. NO CONS

  16. Might be hard for computer beginners to choose which file format to use as it offers so many! Also, it COULD convert SOME proprietary file types (like some of Apple’s) a lot better, as they look ugly when converted.

  17. Fantastic utility, very intuitive, easy to use, free and has even more functionality than Ccleaner. It is also a lightweight application so not much resources are used.

  18. Some of my “take care” programs -was not to happy about it..But so far AllTube has done no wrong on my pc

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