SuperAVConverter 10.0.7100 Full Version Full Crack

SuperAVConverter Full Version Free Crack

Our major complaint about SuperAVConverter activated is that it doesn’t seem to have a Help file, which is a necessity for a program with this many features. Still, the program’s basics are easy to figure out, and overall we were impressed with its capabilities. SuperAVConverter Activation Key is free to try, but the trial version only converts 60 seconds of files and disables some features. The program installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.

SuperAVConverter Full Version license Key

The user has the possibility to adjust the conversion properties, in such a way that the file quickly adapts to his/her needs. What’s more, the application can adjust the length of any file by means of one of the tools that the program includes. To watch videos or listen to music you may have to convert formats depending on the device. Download SuperAVConverter 10.0 full setup, an audio and video converter

SuperAVConverter Full Version license code is a development that will allow you to convert between several audio and video formats. It’s an application with a very simple interface, that thanks to its versatility and simplicity it can come in very handy for any user because it will be able to convert the films that you download from the Internet to be able to view them on your portable player or rip a music album to listen to your mobile phone.


  • Comes with two conversion engines
  • The trial version is unable to convert batches of files
  • Supports many multimedia formats
  • Fast conversion process
  • Brilliant , i use this to put some clips onto my phone , it also works on the ipod video, so a 5 is in order i think !!!!
SuperAVConverter registeration keys

The program’s interface is slightly cluttered in places, but it’s fairly easy to navigate. The three major features–a CD converter, audio converter, and video converter–are arranged in easy-to-access to tabs. The CD converter allows users to rip tracks from CDs and save them directly as MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG files without an extra conversion step. The audio converter allows users to convert existing digital files between popular formats including MP3, WMA, AAC, and more. The video converter allows users not only to convert video files between a wide variety of formats, but also to strip audio tracks from video files.

System Requirements for SuperAVConverter 10.0.7100:

  • Author MySuperSoft Software
  • Last version 10.0.7100

28 thoughts on “SuperAVConverter 10.0.7100 Full Version Full Crack

  1. Ignorant users of CNET will give the program bad ratings because they aren’t intelligent enough to just download and use the program – they are duped by the “CNET Installer” which plugs a bunch of crapware into their downloads. READ, people, READ! It really isn’t that difficult to slow down and choose the “Direct Download Link”.

  2. Well they do need to add the ability to back up to DVD cause alot of computers are getting dvd writers as defaultes put in to them its time to go with the times :S.

  3. the interface can be complex and daunting for first time users and if you are looking for instant results having never used this software before this is not going to happen.

  4. I wrote an image of my newly installed XP to a second hard drive, then burned that image to a DVD. Tried to restore from the DVD, the program wouldn’t do it, said the file was corrupt. Tried to create the image direct to DVD, the program wouldn’t do it. This happened twice, with two different reasons given. First time it ejected the DVD abd asked for CD, second time it said it was a trial version and wouldn’t proceed. So, tried to create image to a set of CDs. On the third CD, the program quit with errors. There seems to be no way to write only the third CD again, and I already have enough coasters. So, I have no way of knowing whether the image I made can be restored or not. I would have thought that was fairly important information. Oh, and I didn’t try to restore from the second hard drive because I have zero confidence, based on what I’ve seen of the program so far, that this software wouldn’t trash the disk.

  5. The profiles are restricted in the free version so no direct ipod profile, though this can be solved just by using the ‘custom mp4’ option and changing the size to 480×320 (the touch’s screen resolution, anything above is a waste)

  6. Updating the program requires a large download and complete re-installation. I don’t understand why updates aren’t incremental.

  7. Easeus Todop backup is freeware and it is also very good, if you know something about computers.

  8. Found over 4000 duplicate files that are grouped by color. But no re-sorting was possible, so one has to scroll through a list of files. If I could have deleted all the dupe’s found in two or three folders automatically, I could save a ton of time.

  9. I downloaded this product. I do not like it. Therefore, the developer cancel any and all further communications or products.

  10. the bad news is that you ever consider Second Life it will TRASH any chance of getting online. i have looked for approx 12 hours over about 5 days and there is no solution to unless u get 9, which u cant because its needed for other stuff!!!

  11. If you are going to use an IE shell,I recommend Avant,Slim,or Maxthon.I feel those three are much better,faster and more secure than Acoo. I tried it for two days and uninstalled it

  12. Softbulldog products all contain spyware, adware, trojans, viruses and other malicious programs. They also spoof (fabricate) positive reviews. Disregard all positive comments about their products, do not download their products and please write to Cnet informing them that spoofing and providing dangerous products are against Cnet regulations.

  13. Couldn’t access or send data to my DLNA device because crucial menus were not in English. (Also, I didn’t feel like experimenting by selection menu options to see-what-they-did.)

  14. The download appears to run in a kiosk browser window. It doesn’t remember your ID and password, and the upload path isn’t sticky – so you have to navigate away from the installation directory every time. And you have to pre-crop the photos. It does work fine, it just needs so refinements to come up to minimum standards.

  15. UI sometimes gets stuck to the center of the screen. City pop-ups show up in the center UI keeps snapping back to the center. Annoying.

  16. It would have 5 stars, if I could figure out how to run 2 tournaments at the same time.

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