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Desktop clock and system monitoring tool showing you various statistics This versatile, skinable freeware clock doubly shines as a helpful system diagnostic tool. SysMetrix 3.45 pre-Activated Free Download‘s configuration interface simply presents every option with samples and previews where appropriate. You can edit themes or import new ones with little difficulty. The included twelve themes cover many configurations of the clock and tools. The short but useful help file includes a list of dozens easily monitored system areas.

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SysMetrix 3.45 Full Version portable is a desktop clock and system monitoring application. It looks nice, it can be fully customized and it has great value for the users that need to constantly monitor in what way the resources of their computers are being used. The great thing about it is that you can create your own design and view all the statistics you need, all in one place, clearly organized. You can monitor almost any system resource and you can even set the program to show you weather statistics, such as temperature or humidity.

SysMetrix registration keys is delightfully simple to use. The taskbar tray icon opens a very useful pull-down menu that features single-click options to quickly activate your screen saver, Windows Explorer, the default Web browser, e-mail client, text editor, or media player. The program’s main display options depend on the themes you choose. Many of the included themes use histograms that are too small to deliver much information. However, the utility makes it very easy to change any part of a theme. Not only can you easily add monitoring gauges to any theme, but you can also easily create your own theme with the exact tools you want displayed. Our testers found the monitoring tools accurate, useful, and easily set.


  • Fully customizable
  • Many useful commands
  • Always on top not set as default
  • Complex tool
  • Nice look
  • Nice clock
  • this will give you the info you want about your computer drives, cpu, memory, and more!! awesome!!
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SysMetrix full version offers a lot of shortcuts to different types of commands. These shortcuts are accessed either by double clicking on various parts of the graphical user interface or by right clicking on the icon from the system tray or the widget. This can be very useful, but it takes some time to get used to it and to learn where everything is. Most included themes look fancy, others are optimized for functionality.

System Requirements for SysMetrix 3.45:

What’s new in SysMetrix?

Added the Veristic Colors theme to the install and made it the default theme
Updated the CPU Usage algorigthm so that it works correctly on Windows Vista and Windows 7
Updated the NIC descriptions to include FireWire and Wireless
Fixed the TCP/IP stats, which were completely broken in Vista & Windows 7
Fixed a problem where Memory in excess of 2GB was not being correctly reported and showed up as 0GB
Removed some partially-implemented features that were inadvertently included in 3.42
Fixed a problem parsing the Weather information
Added the ability to launch a new theme via a button to turn on/off media sections

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  1. Nothing I don’t like, but if Auslogics can pull off a TweakVista that rivals TweakUI for XP, I’ll be shopping their products for a long time to come.

  2. 2010 and 2011 Acronis suck! The interface is redundant and confusing. After a couple of glitches, I stop using them in our business. The data we have is priceless and I spent to many hours making sure it acutally did a proper backup.

  3. auto selects entire hard drive. Will not search mapped network drives. Will not search sub folders in your my doc’s folder. All together a total waste of bits.

  4. I just received free support and updated software directly today, on the tool I purchased from them several years ago! It’s amazing this day and age to still find a company that stands behind their products seemingly “forever”. This tool has lasted longer than I could have ever hoped, and works with my 2017! And thank you, Mike, for always answering my questions. I know I made the right choice going with you, guys.

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