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So, you can ungroup similar taskbar buttons, or group them in the started order, with a user-defined number of windows, or by never collapsing them into one button. Furthermore, you can disallow the middle-click from closing the task button or group. Plus, you can select a preset from a drop-down list for enabling the tray icon. The straightforward software solution does not put a strain on the computer's resources, as it runs on a very low amount of CPU and system memory. It has a good response time and worked smoothly during our tests, without freezing, crashing or displaying error dialogs. On the downside, the program has not been updated for a long time. Other than that, Taskbar Shuffle 2.5 with crack provides a simple solution for customizing the taskbar items.

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Taskbar Shuffle 2.5 patch is a program with a pretty self-explanatory name – it allows you to customize the default Windows options found in the taskbar. It can be seamlessly installed and configured, even by first-time users. Once initialized, the tool can be activated or deactivated from the system tray area. From the 'Settings' screen you can make the app automatically run at system startup and hide its icon in the system tray area.

The Options menu feels lean, except that for what’s essentially a one-trick program it’s got quite a robust set of choices. You can set it to launch at startup, to show a splash screen at startup so you don’t forget it’s running, and the system tray icon is optional. You can also have it automatically group similar program icons together under one umbrella button, or set it to group similar apps live side-by-side but never hidden.


  • Makes things easier
  • None
  • No hint that there were two versions.
  • Smooth install.
  • If you’ve ever worked with numerous applications and prefer your application buttons on the taskbar in a certain order, this is the program you’ve been waiting for. You’ll never have to worry about losing your application taskbar location should a program crash or close unexpectedly. Just re-open your program and place it where you’d like. A must have! Updated on Aug 26, 2009
  • Its an awesome software. I always wished for something like this…….. 😉
Taskbar Shuffle full version crack

Users can also use Taskbar Shuffle 2.5 Serial Key to set a middle-click close program feature for the mouse, and even the system tray function key, default to Control, can be altered to one of five others. If you decide not to go with a taskbar replacement dock, Taskbar Shuffle 2.5 full version with crack and keygen can work wonders for anybody stressed about the chaotic placement of minimized programs in both Windows XP and Vista. Download Taskbar Shuffle registration keys – Will allow you to rearrange the taskbar buttons by simply dragging them around

System Requirements for Taskbar Shuffle

What’s new in Taskbar Shuffle?

added: UltraMon (http://realtimesoft.com/ultramon) compatability
added: option to disable auto-check for updates
added: holding a key while dragging tray icons is now optional (added ?None? to key list)
added: if grouping is enabled, you can now shuffle the buttons in a grouped button's popup menu
fixed: if grouping is enabled, clicking, holding, and dragging the mouse upward to a button?s popup menu should not cause the button to start dragging anymore
fixed: sometimes the ghosted button would get stuck to the mouse
fixed: tray icon flicker if you chose to hide it
fixed: a few other tweaks under the hood
fixed: ?ghosted? button behind taskbar in Vista, other Vista bugs
fixed: disabled quicklaunch button problem in Windows 2000
fixed: settings not able to be saved for users with no write privileges

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