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Cleverly organize your media files

On the visual side, the application stays clean, with no shiny buttons or elements to enhance the interface. However, accessing the 'Options' menu gives you the possibility to customize the layout or even completely change the skin with the help of downloadable content. Regardless of your style choice, it is capable of playing both video and audio files. You can bring up the playlist editor, which can either be docked or left floating around the desktop. Files can be managed from here, with the possibility to simply have desired items dragged over an indicated area.

VLC media player full version setup

Plays AVI, MP4, WMP and other popular video formats VLC media player 3.0.8 For Windows Download has always been one of the things that gives you foothold in life: version by version were released and only the most sophisticated users could distinguish between them. All changes were discernible only after a very nice magnifying glass. VLC 2.0 is quite the contrary: echoing the developer, you can say that this release is 'a major upgrade for VLC'.

Ready for any version of Windows

And not only will we come across 32 and 64-bit versions of this player for Windows 7 or 10, that are so essential nowadays, but you can also download it for outdated computers such as those running XP, Windows 95, 98 or Me.

What formats does VLC play?

As we’ve already said, it’s definitely one of the most versatile players. It can read multimedia formats for video, audio, and image and sound transmission, as well as tags and subtitles:

New in the latest version


  • Interface is too complex
  • Software decoding glitches
  • Supports almost all video formats without additional codecs installed
  • Works with all media formats
  • Highly portable
  • Blu-ray files can play on it
VLC media player registeration keys

The case also applies to motion pictures, with adjustments sliders for a decent amount of categories, such as Crop, Colors, Geometry, AtmoLight, and several more. You can easily switch to fullscreen for a clearer view, and there are even a few audio visualization options.

A few last words

To sum it up, VLC media player setup is an application that comes equipped with all you need to fully enjoy media files. A lot can be said about the true power hidden under the simple interface, but the magic is best discovered personally. It is, and represents the true meaning of a media player.

System Requirements for VLC media player 3.0.8:

This is a very slowly version of VLC Media Player. What should I do?

VLC tends to work very slowly on machines without too much RAM. However, if you keep the application updated to the latest version at all times, you might have a chance of working. Access the official website to download the latest package. The latest version is 2.1.5 and it’s optimized to work on all Windows versions, with Mac OS X and Linux supported as well.

You can update to the latest version. If still have the same problem, maybe your computer is too old. If not, you can try another media player, like Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player. http://alternativeto.net/software/macgo-blu-ray-player/

Thank you for the VLC program. I saw it my friend’s laptop. It was working very good. I tried to watch VCD or DVD by recording to hard disk on my eee PC (Atom Processor). The result: view was perfect. But voice was interrupted nearly every second. The reason is probably the hardware is too slow. Do you have any suggestion? For example: if I’ll extend memory will it be useful?

It’s a good thing to increase RAM, but this is not enough. The CPU needs to be fast as well. However, VLC allows you to enable hardware accelerated capability. Go to Tools > Prefences and switch to Advanced view, then go to Input/Codecs and enable Hardware Accelerated option. You should change the Audio settings as well from the Audio menu.

What’s new in VLC media player?

Update Twitch & VLSub scripts
Properly bump the version in configure.ac
Fix VLSub returning 401 for earch request
Work around busy looping when playing an invalid item through VLM
Multiple dvdread and dvdnav crashs fixes
Fixed DVD glitches on clip change
Fixed dvdread commands/data sequence inversion in some cases causing
unwanted glitches
Better handling of authored as corrupted DVD
Added libsmb2 support for SMB2/3 shares
Fix TTML entities not passed to decoder
Fixed some WebVTT styling tags being not applied
Misc raw H264/HEVC frame rate fixes
Fix adaptive regression on TS format change (mostly HLS)
Fixed MP4 regression with twos/sowt PCM audio
Fixed some MP4 raw quicktime and ms-PCM audio
Fixed MP4 interlacing handling

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  1. the sound quality in this player is good. the main problem in this player is opening of vlc hardware all the time..

  2. I complete my download…….I always prefer every to use vlc media player beacause its mt\y favorite player for ever&I recommad u to use it.

  3. Purchased from original developer in 2008 w/year of support. Product then purchased in 2008 by Alexander Gallo & Associates, Atlanta, GA. Called for support within year & Gallo would not take or return calls or e-mails. Called original developer and was told he was not allowed to speak to us & that Gallo wanted hundreds of dollars more if we wanted them to cover support. Today (5/24/11) tried calling support for this product and got an answering machine NOT identifying itself as support for Acclaim. Pressed 0 for operator; got another recording. Beware.

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