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The Wi-Fi Protector software also allows for secure access to a list of connections you may have used before and therefore enables you to use devices which it trusts. Another thing you would love about the program is the fact it also as an additional feature which is to bypass restricted websites. So, now you can even view blocked websites, like Hulu and Netflix. Plus, it doesn’t take much time to download and install the program and start running it. And upon successful installation, all you have to do is click on the little green button on the Wi-Fi Protector program and you’re all set to go. All in all, it is a great program. WiFi Protector Full Version Activation Key secures your internet connection on public hotspots. Makes sure that your WiFi network is secure with the aid of many different modules that identify threats and conceal your IP address Download WiFi Protector Full Version Activation Key – Makes sure that your WiFi network is secure with the aid of many different modules that identify threats and conceal your IP address Detects security flaws on WiFi networks

WiFi Protector setup

The cloud-based malware protection, which is the last of the modules, relies on a smart technology to restrict access to web resources that are known to distribute malware across the Internet. In addition, you get the added benefit of the cloud technology, which identifies malware using an online database that is updated on a constant basis. All of these modules work together and constitute the shield that anyone with a Wi-Fi connection should consider acquiring in order to prevent security breaches.

WiFi Protector full version setup is a Wi-Fi hotspot shield, delivering groundbreaking protection for your wireless connection by detecting intruders and malware that might affect the well-being of your computer. The presence of such an application on your PC is just as important as the existence of an antivirus solution for users who own a Wi-Fi device and use hotspots to share their Internet connection. It’s important to acknowledge that WiFi Protector precracked can only shield your wireless connection and does not provide a real-time system monitor, thus it cannot replace an antivirus application. WiFi Protector with serial keys automatically detects existent hotspots and engages in keeping tabs on them immediately. It benefits from three major modules that make it achieve its whole purpose. The first one is the Privacy Protection, which enables private browsing sessions by concealing your IP address, ensuring that you are invisible to others while you’re navigating the Internet. This is a very important boost for your privacy, since absolutely no one can track you, which minimizes the chances of identity theft.


  • Very easy to use
  • None, but the restrictions of the basic version
  • Free version works great
  • Simple, modern interface
WiFi Protector Full Version Full Crack

Secure your Wi-Fi connection from unwanted users WiFi Protector keygen secures your internet connection on public hotspots. It also enables to access all your favorite sites and videos that may be blocked. Web browsing is protected by bank-level 256 bit encryption which protects you from identity theft, unsecured connections and snooping. While using WiFi Protector Full Version pre-Activated, your IP address is hidden and you get complete anonymity and freedom to use the internet privately without any restrictions or censorship. WiFi Protector full version with crack also protects you on your home wifi and wired networks by alerting you of any intruders who might get access to your network. Overall this easy to use product will provide complete network security for your PC completely free.

System Requirements for WiFi Protector

  • Silverlight 4 or higher
  • 6MB of hard disk space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.wifiprotector.com
  • Author Optimal Software
  • Last version

What’s new in WiFi Protector?

bug fixes and reliability improvements
completely redesigned user interface
added hacking alerts that notify users of ARP spoofing and MITM attacs on wifi
cloud based malware protection
ability to change the country of VPN servers
new features to secure your router
Phishing protection
No toolbar in the installer
More reliable connection to VPN
Improved connectivity and speed of the VPN function.
Improved security alert system

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  1. This product is made by chinese and they steal the database of MalwareBytes and other open source code.

  2. Cannot get it to work anymore, and contacting their Customer Service was a futile endeavor. Told them I wasn’t very computer savvy, but their “Help” reply was still totally unusable.

  3. The program was very limited and did not operate on 2 of the 5 computers I was trying to wipe clean. After considerable frustration, I found a free program that worked on all my computers. It’s Eraser at heidi.ie/eraser/. Eraser is a simple and effective program.

  4. It will only rip 15% of whatever DVD you give it unless you buy the full version. Why bother?

  5. The single level of drive erasing does not meet the dod level. But it worked for the problem I was trying to solve.

  6. Advertises itself as “no limitations” free software for a beta version but in reality this is a 30 day trial of $400 software, NOT beta.

  7. Started the program and it found some fault sectors but no option to skip or automatically retry/ignore the popup box.

  8. Fast and flexible deployment (Win, Lin, VA, NAS), backup and replication locally, offsite, and to Amazon cloud. Global data dedup and compression. Instant recovery for VMs, files, and application options.

  9. …however it proved to be useless because the scheduled tasks don’t run. Don’t take my word for it, look at the Acronis website and their forum. Lots of people complaining about this in version 11. I uninstalled.

  10. Not really free till you purchase it. If you run it and get the generated data and then clean the registry with it, then run it again, you will get bogus finds the second time around since you should get no bad registry finds since it just fixed it.

  11. I only want to produce a single mix CD with no gaps between the tracks. When 0 seconds is selected, there is still a millisecond pause or click. So if you’re just burning a normal CD why not just use Windows Media Player.
    When I selected the tracks, the software changed the order!!

  12. I have had difficulty with Hugmot’s system for annual license renewals. Even paid for a replacement license earlier than needed and yet still encountered messages that the software was a trial that needed to be registered to have full functionality.

  13. Since this awful “freeware” program is password protected I can only give it one star… what the hell man!

  14. Text conversion is horrible. Edit document, auto converts document to text whether you want to or not, the option can’t be disable. In the review, the writer said Adobe gives you control over creating/editing your documents, just read from a press release from Adobe DC. You have no control. It automatically does editing, then you have to revert back to the original. Support gives you work arounds because the auto features in DC cannot be disable.. Again, piece of junk. I want a refund!

  15. Not for hobby, this is a photo industry tool and the best one, average photo tweakers or scapbooking should try Photoshop Elements or others like that.

  16. Adobe Acrobat reader is incredibly slow to start up on Vista. This is on a new laptop as well.

  17. used rhapsody for yrs & never had probs, but 4 has been bad…buggy/always crashed til i rolled back wmp to v10 from v11 & spent an hr w/ tech support. had probs w/ rights mgmt, authorizing comps, freezing/crashing, & my purchased music disappeared.

  18. It’s somewhat pricey (but definitely worth it for me, because it saves so much time). The OCR sometimes makes mistakes, depending on the quality of the source – but it’s still very good. It uses a lot of resources on big docs. Close when not in use.

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