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You can depend on this tool to be your only archiver you need as it’s different from the other archiving shells, with its own strong compression format and built in support for other well known files such as (ZIP, RAR, MS-CAB). KEY FEATURES: Archives that you self extract SFX for ACE and ZIP. Compression formats ( ZIP, ACE, LHA, JAVA, JAR, MS-CAB, RAR, ARC, ARJ, TAR, ZOO, GZIP) Decompression of ( ACE, CAB, ZOO, ARC, ARJ, RAR, TAR, MS-CAB, GZIP) Disk spanning archives for ACE, ZIP, CAB with multi volume. ACE archive’s authenticity verification. Function repair for ACE and ZIP archives. Integrity check for ZIP, ACE, RAR, MS-CAB, JAR, ZOO, TAR, ARC, ARJ, GZIP, LHA. Files commenting in HTML, ASCII or ANSI for ZIP and ACE archives. A line access with full command which is compatible with ACE DOS. Provides detailed information for all kinds of archives. For graphic files, ASCII files and HTML pages use Quick Viewer. Full support of drag n drop. You can completely manage your files (move, delete, copy files and directories). Optimize existing archives. Archives access in windows explorer and thru the context menu (shell extension). Check properties panel of ZIP and ACE for a table of contents. (Shell extension).

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WinAce full version with keygen download free is a specific compressor for ACE files. Download WinAce Registration Code on your PC now to be able to work with ACE files and other compatible compression formats If you work with compressed files regularly, you’re looking for the highest performance of compression speed, compression ratio and easy usage. I bet you won’t be looking for a bad tool that eats up bits of your data and takes a very long time for compressing and extracting. Win-Ace is a great tool to use if you’re looking for a compression that deflates your files in a high speed but leaves plenty of air in the compressed file. With this tool you will be able to have a mixture of compression power and speed in an intuitive interface, access your archives in a suitable quick way while you’re doing your every day work, use the additional characteristics for profile distribution such as, disk spanning archive, password protection and self-extracting files.

A classic and easy to use interface

The software has a very clean interface, with a classic layout which resembles other famous compression tools you might be more familiar with. Upon opening it, you will find a file browser in the middle of the main window, a toolbar with the most common functions and several menus filled with features.

Cleverly integrated in the context menu

WinAce 2.595 full version serial keys can also integrate into the Windows context menu, so you'll be able to create an archive or extract files on the fly, just by right clicking the files. The application can also handle a wide variety of formats, so it can easily replace your traditional file archiver.


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  • Supports many file extentions (ZIP, RAR, MS-CAB)
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Win-Ace is compression tool that deflates your files at high speed Download WinAce 2.595 Full Version Free Crack – Combine power, flexibility and speed in order to get highly compressed and secure files with the help of this powerful application Combine power, flexibility and speed in order to get highly compressed and secure files with the help of this powerful application Among the many compression formats out there some go way back and are scarcely used these days. This is the case of the old '.ace' archives that are so hard to come by today. The tool of choice for handling this particular format as well as many others, WinAce 2.595 pin, still exists though and it works pretty good.

System Requirements for WinAce 2.595:

I lost my hard drive and am trying to replace WinAce. I purchased ver 2.0 in 2001 from the website. and have the registry key. I liked this software and sure miss it when I need it.

WinAce is a discontinued application which means you won’t have the possibility to download it anymore from its official website.
I recommend choosing another alternative such as 7Zip or WinRAR . The first one is open source and handles known archives and the WinRAR is shareware with the possibility to test it for 30 days after which a nagging screen appears but it’s still usable.
You can, however, download the latest version from the application’s page at Software Informer. Select the version 2.6 from the version drop-down menu and then you will have the possibility to download it.

What’s new in WinAce?

The new version fixes a possible exploit concerning a buffer overflow in maliciously manipulated ARJ-Archives.
WinAce 2.6x contains several GUI fixes and improvements and updates for other compression formats.
WinAce now supports the "Zip64" format, which will break the 4 GB barrier for ZIP files.

WinAce 2.6.1 activator

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  1. Like it’s sibling Ashampoo AntiSpyWare the scan could be faster but this is not a major problem.

  2. I need your software. I don’t have the access to download, so please send me the way I can download thank you.

  3. Well they do need to add the ability to back up to DVD cause alot of computers are getting dvd writers as defaultes put in to them its time to go with the times :S.

  4. This is fantastic and very useful utility! The best for tweak computer I ever tryed! Thanks to IObit !!!

  5. Only drawback (which actually is not) is filter updation for free add-on as it’s not worthy all-alone.

  6. Started up program, it started prompting me to insert my Office 2003 CD. AirSnare said it needed something out of a CAB file. No thank you…AirSnare should be an application without dependancies on Microsoft Office.

  7. This company is full of CON-MEN. They create fake accounts and give their product 5 stars. They have done this with every one of their products. None of them are free. No one should ever pay these people a single dime.

  8. Not really sure about the cons of this program. I think the cons are only details in this case.

  9. Photoshop Elements 8,9 and 10 all suffer from the same major flaw. You can barely read the tiny fonts and see the printing and icons against the black on grey background. This is especially true if you have a higher resolution monitor which many of us do now. I was so disappointed when I purchased this product because I expected so much more from Adobe. They are suppose to be the “gold standard” of photo editing. I was shocked when I opened the program and could barely use it. I have decent vision but I have to strain to read the UI printing. There is no way to adjust the font size or background color in any of these versions. Adobe forums are full of complaints about this issue and I recommend NOT buying this product until it is rectified.

  10. Have to install The Ask Toolbar, that’s why I never had any experience on this tool.

  11. I use Yahoo Mail but when I go to add an address to the To: field and the pop up opens with the addresses I can’t pick one. This flaw prevents me from using the browser.

  12. The features are based on how much you want to spend. Want frames? Gotta spend more. My original site had no frames, but now I use them. I’m cheap, so I’ve been creating the framesets with Frontpage, and doing the pages themselves with Actual Drawing. A major pain in the butt, but I see no reason to spend an additional $50 just to make a frameset. Overall this isn’t a bad program, but their support is pretty bad, as is their own website. I’m looking into SiteSpinner now to see how I like it, but Actual Drawing really isn’t too bad. I’m happy to keep using it if I have to.

  13. Zero usability in trial form. Generates pure junk in ridiculous formats and colors based on wacky templates. Ancient Win98 interface. Appears to be stolen / retired code from Dot Com era.

  14. I downloaded the “Download Manager” and indicated that I didn’t want the Babylon Toolbar. It installed the toolbar anyway. It changed my search provider and was redirecting me in strange ways. Even after I uninstalled it, my browser was still acting up so. It took me several attempts to remove the changes it made to my browser configuration. It would reinstate the changes when I restarted it. I had to get a little sneaky and tech savvy to restore my browser. Even now, I am having some problems that I think are related to the fiasco and what I had to do to get rid of it. DON’T DO IT!!!

  15. I got no response from two requests for technical assistance. When I try to run a backup, I just get a message that says ‘the product has stopped working’.

  16. Not for the person that needs to manage multiple accounts. Program wants you to purchase the whole motherload, so the “free” part pertains only to the two accounts you are allowed to work with.

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