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We were able to quickly browse for, and select, the folder that we wanted to defragment. The program quickly went to work, analyzing our C drive and displaying the number of processed files, fragmented files, contiguous files, and files not analyzed due to processing errors. From there, we clicked the Defragment option, which prompted us to check our disk for errors and then to start the clean up process. We especially liked that the program let us work while it ran without slowing down our computer’s performance. In a matter of minutes, our C drive was successfully defragmented.

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Download WinContig 1.0 Full Version serial code – This is a small software application that enables any type of user to easily defragment files without processing the whole hard disk WinContig 1.0 precracked is an easy-to-use stand-alone defragmentation tool that doesn't create any installation directories or Registry entries on your computer. Its purpose is to quick defrag files without the need to defrag the whole disk. In addition, WinContig 1.0 patch allows you to group files into profiles, and also it accepts a number of optional command-line switches that you can use to control how the program operates.

The program includes the ability to add items to be excluded during the defrag process. It also lets you load and save profiles, which led us to our one complaint about the program: no Help feature. It wasn’t entirely clear how the profile feature worked, so we paid a visit to the publisher’s Web site only to find that it’s in Italian. Thankfully, the program’s other features are extremely intuitive. WinContig 1.0 full version crack comes as a ZIP file and no installation is required. Despite the lack of help, we recommend it as a capable defragmentation program.


  • portable, fast, check disk & disk cleanup options
  • defragments files not drives; i.e., does not compact files only defrags them.
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WinContig serials is a small and reliable defragmentation software tool that lets you declutter certain files and not the whole disk. The program is based on the standard Microsoft defragmentation API. The interface of the app is highly intuitive and therefore, it will be very easy to work with, no matter the previous experience the user has. You are going to be able to view all the files you want to defragment and color-coded statistics. The user interface supports multiple languages such as English, Romanian, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, and the list goes on. The program is small and comes in a ZIP file format. This means that after download, all you have to do is extract the files to the hard drive and start defragging.

System Requirements for WinContig 1.0:

What’s new in WinContig?

Disk data layout may not be correctly detected on some particular FAT32 file system partitions. Fixed.
WinContig may not correctly parse the command line arguments on some Windows environments. Fixed. Many thanks to Steve who pointed it out.
Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD (ST2000DM008-2FR102) was incorrectly identified as an SSD. Fixed. Many thanks to Brianna M. who pointed it out.
Some minor graphic improvements.
Disk checking dialog box has been improved. It now shows more information about the volumes, including the S.M.A.R.T. attribute values.

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30 thoughts on “WinContig 1.0 Activator Free Download

  1. 1. Updated often – Updates seem to come weekly or even daily. This is only a CON because of the repeated updates. But to know that the programmers are tweaking it non-stop is a definite plus.
    2. The registry cleaner is not as thorough as others like Eusing Reg Cleaner.

  2. It crashes my browser, Mozilla Firefox ever time. I haven’t been able to use it yet.

  3. Very limited in functionality and options. I think the reviews are significantly over-rated, making me think the other reviewers haven’t tried other similar programs (so they don’t know what they are missing). I’d give similar reviews if this was my 1st exposure to this type of software. I tried this one because my free trial offer ended for my favorite program. I also downloaded other free programs. All free ones have their pros/cons; this one is my least favorite (being most limited). But thanks to free trials/downloads, I’m now convinced and eager to pay the $50 for the one I like.

  4. Out of all the download buttons on your page, which one do I activate for your free trial version of RC7?

  5. Top level task names are always in bold. Hope this can be an option in the next version.

  6. This application contains adware ESET-NOD32, a variant of Win32/InstallCore.UP/DrWeb Trojan.InstallCore.11.

  7. All versions after 3.06 I have ever downloaded, always began when opened in “recovery mode”; and when files were recovered (supposedly), they continued to return as needing to be recovered. These are not large files, maybe 100 – 300 kb

  8. You have to pay for an upgrade. I guess people like to feed their families? What a concept…

  9. Unless you are using IE be prepared for a lot of trouble with the new update. It does not install in Safari, the about page does not work in Firefox…

  10. Doesn’t work. Selected a bunch of different proxies, Googled “What’s My Ip” and every one of them knew, even though on the status bar it said…”You are now surfing anonymously!” Yeah Right!

  11. You mean besides not working at all? Well, trying to contact Adobe about it is almost impossible. Very long form to fill out and difficult questions to answer.

  12. I couldn’t test this software because it doesn’t do anything before you paid your money. Only after this you know if it is working and fits your needs.

  13. the RAM usage is about 13 megs but thats for a LOT of functionality and its still less than most other weather programs. + i would really like to see an option to monitor 2 cities at once instead of only one.

  14. CRITICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have just installed BCArchive 2.05.
    The way the temporary directory is wiped has now changed in this version. Without warning the program now kills the ENTIRE DIRECTORY – before it just killed the individual files it created [often it did not do this properly either].
    I have now lost important files – fortunately I have made backups.
    The options to kill the “Wiping process” also does not work. Yes a dialog box appears but when you select Yes to abort- it just keeps on deleting!
    Also the AutoRun function is broken in this version as well.
    I’m hoping you can resolve the above issues – I have used this product for years and found it very good to date….


  15. No instructions?! Help page not available? How do I crop? If there is no help available for the free version, I can’t test it properly. I will be uninstalling this immediately and looking for something which is a fair trial.

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