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The program also carries a built-in image converter and creator that allows you to convert CD/DVD images between ISO, ZIP, VCD, IMG, CUE, BIN, WMT, RAR, and NRG image formats for further use. The program also has a file browser that shows you a folder tree to allow you to locate your files and folders easily while creating virtual CDs and images. You can also password-protect any CD image or compressed file using its built-in encryption tool. Its easy user interface and its powerful features make the program perfect for users of all skill levels.

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The user interface is clean and intuitive, and can be mastered even by less experienced users. At the end of the installation process, you can select the file associations. The application works with a wide range of file formats, namely ZIP, RAR, ISO, NRG, IMG, CUE, MDF, MDS, BIN and others. A blank new disc can be mounted by specifying its size, volume format, and selecting the WMT saving option. You can also mount a file or folder to the drive, and view the mapped drives and file in the primary panel.

WinMount 3.5 Full Version Activation Code provides an encryption feature that can help you keep your archived documents private from unauthorized viewing by setting up passwords. Moreover, you can add comments and use a customized magic page, as well as select an SFX icon from a file. In conclusion, WinMount 3.5.1018 Full Version Registration Code can give you a hand if you are looking for a tool that mounts image drives, as well as compress and decompress files quickly. Thanks to its overall simplicity, it is suitable for beginners and experts alike. WinMount registration keys is a powerful archive and virtual drive tool. It can compress and decompress. It also can mount ZIP, mount RAR, mount MOU, mount cd dvd and hdd image as a virtual drive.


  • None
  • Well managed tool-bar and built-in image creator/converter
  • Easy to use
  • Can create multiple virtual drives on your PC for better data management
WinMount free full download

Create or extract archives and mount virtual images An intuitive application that mounts image drives, including ZIP, RAR, ISO, NRG, IMG, CUE, MDF, MDS and BIN, and offers compression and decompression tools WinMount 3.5.1018 Full Version license code is a powerful archive and virtual drive tool. It can compress and decompress. WinMount Full Version pre-Activated is a software application that can help you mount image drives quickly and easily. You can also compress archives and extract content.

System Requirements for WinMount 3.5.1018:

  • Homepage:
  • Author WinMount International Inc.
  • Last version 3.5.1018

What’s new in WinMount?

Optimized algorithm of quick mounting.
Fix some bugs.
Enable our application for RegNow Affiliate Tracking solution;
Optimized algorithm of quick mounting;
Change to new buynow URL of Regnow, easier to purchase WinMount;
Optimize algorithm,improved the mounting speed;
Fix bug: ZIP multi-volume can't be decompressed;
Optimize decompression algorithm,improved the mounting speed;
Can be installed in Win2000
Mount VHD with fixed size is supported;
"Yes to all" or "No to all" is valid when extract;
Import music to Itunes from Flac virtual disk will not lost data;
Add a layout settings, "Show tray icon" and "Show button on the taskbar".

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26 thoughts on “WinMount 3.5.1018 setup

  1. I need to mount vhd or vmdk without loading virtual system, my friend recommended me to use WinMount.

  2. To use this program you have to set up a Kalendra account on Kalendra’s website (it’s free) and allow the program internet access. If you don’t allow this program internet access the program will AUTO CLOSE. Which was really disappointing since I wanted to install in on a computer that didn’t have internet access and just annoying for the one that did.

  3. None so far, but I haven’t needed to copy video DVDs, audio CDs or anything else like that.

  4. 100% confusing and not user friendly at all.

    there are hundreds of buttons that are useless and most of them just do the same thing. They tried to make it look important and special adding lots of useless staff which you will not use for backups.
    IT is very confusing and there are lots of bugs. If you search online you will see how many bugs are still open.

    find something else. you will regret if you get it.

  5. It says the trial version has no limitations that’s not true. The trial version only lets you convert 1 minute of a file. didn’t work on a mpeg file I have.

  6. Not easy interface, plus annoyed that it’s posted as freeware, yet to get all of it working, you have to pay.

  7. Though this program is very cool, i do not like the fact that this software is still stuck at version 2.014 which is released here on December 10, 2004. An old program.

  8. Requires an internet connection!!!!!!! I’m really getting sick of the software companies out there that require you to “ACTIVATE” there software via the internet!! I’m trying to install it on a “stand-alone” computer that I don’t want to connect to the internet. I guess I’m some kind of freak beacause I believe the best virus protection is don’t connect to the internet with a computer that has vital information on it. now, granted, I’m installing this software, … that I did download, but, it is one of the very few programs that I might try, … but now, forget it even!!!!

  9. No 64bit, no thumbnails, terribly slow, continues to run in background even after closing which slows other programs to a crawl, and zoom and pan are still choppy

  10. You may have to understand what your machine can handle. Other than that, it is the best thing going. Must Buy

  11. Is incredibly heavy (what do Adobe need to insert to every version?), unnecessarily intrusive (Creates folders and toolbars everywhere!), slow (for those of us who don’t change the pc every week) and full of features that less than 1% of the population needs.

  12. It is nice to have the option of 35 passes, but it takes to much time to be of any practical use (for me anyway).

  13. tiral clears only 5 errors. i had 3068 errors on my laptop. i had to buy to clear all ot them

  14. i have registry problems.i messed around with regedit and i cant play games anymore.this did not fix the problem

  15. Some features are hard to find — but this app is very complex, so some difficulty is expected..

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