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If you need to convert a video file, no matter where you got it from, a software application like XMedia Recode 3.4 cracked can be extremely useful. With a really simple interface, the amount of options that are offered and our simple intuition will help us to obtain a video that is totally adapted to our needs. Easy-to-use multimedia converter. As well as extracting the audio and the video from any DVD, XMedia Recode 3.4 preactivated allows us to convert it to the formats that we want and even recode it to optimize its visualization on different devices. The amount of gadgets with which XMedia Recode Full Version Registered is compatible is extremely big, managing to optimize the resulting file both for netbooks as well as iPods and even iPads.

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The conversion process goes very smoothly and the user also has the option to keep an eye on the running process by opening the 'Jobs' tab. The preferences dialog is minimal and is less likely to help you unless there's a problem with the tool, as all the important settings are actually stored in the main window. A top media encoder on the market As a conclusion, if you are looking for an app that's able to work with virtually all audio and video formats out there, XMedia Recode full version free should be one of your top choices.

  • 3GP
  • MKV
  • AAC
  • AC3
  • ASF
  • AVI
  • DVD
  • MOV
  • FLAC
  • FLV
  • H.264
  • MPEG-4
  • TS
  • MP3
  • MP4
Download XMedia Recode patch – Powerful and easy-to-configure program that helps you convert audio and video files while offering support for different output profiles and advanced parameters XMedia Recode 3.4 pre-Activated Free Download is specialized in working with videos. You can rip contents, extract audio or video and convert formats much easier than you thought


  • It is incredibly fast at repacking files.It has an elegant and simple interface that allows batch conversion of multiple files.Out performs all of the commercial options that I looked at.
  • I just recoded a 1.2gb movie to 674 without a loss of quality. I have used EVERY encoder out there over the years. For quality encodings that will be saved in my collection, I use XMedia Recode and nothing else. I have converted music videos and ended up with a conversion that is 1/8 the input size and in countless freeze frame comparisons, every bit it’s equal.Only 4 stars because it is so slow but in terms of output quality, 100 stars!
  • Super
  • after all the blu rays that i have converted i would definitely even pay for this program if they asked me to.
  • Not reliable, would never use again.
  • No cons except that I wish this would convert faster.
XMedia Recode full version setup

XMedia Recode activator can convert nearly all popular audio and video formats including 3GP, 3GPP, 3GPP2… XMedia Recode 3.4 full version serial keys is a universal media converter, which integrates most popular audio or video formats. It supports conversion with formats 3GP, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AAC, AC3, AMR, ASF, AVI, AVISynth, DVD, FLAC, FLV, H.261, H.263, H.264, M4A , M1V, M2V, M4V, Matroska (MKV), MMF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, TS, TRP, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP4V, MOV, OGG, PSP, (S)VCD, SWF , VOB, WAV, WMA, and WMV. Powerful and easy-to-configure program that helps you convert audio and video files while offering support for different output profiles and advanced parameters

System Requirements for XMedia Recode

  • DirectX 9
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: www.xmedia-recode.de
  • Author Sebastian Dorfler
  • Last version

What’s new in XMedia Recode?

Update of ffmpeg
Update of the Italian language file
Update of the Japanese language file
Update of the Portuguese language file
H265 Codec: Added "Selective SAO" option
H265 Codec: Added "Detect and handle fade-in regions" option
H265 Codec: Added "Force the encoder to flush frames" option
H265 Codec: Added "Hist Threshold" option
H265 Codec: Added "Radl" option
Fixed minor bugs
H265 Codec: Added "3-level Hierarchical motion estimation" option
H265 Codec: Added "Refine MV" option
H265 Codec: Added "Dynamic Refine" option
H265 Codec: Added "Noise reduction intra" option
H265 Codec: Added "Noise reduction inter" option
Update of the French language file
Update of x264 (2991) Codec

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22 thoughts on “XMedia Recode portable

  1. Offers format for NTSC DVD, but output was MPEG2 and only playable on computer. I was looking for a format to play on the DVD player for all to see.

  2. The installer is just too big, bloated with useless features, horrible dated interface.

    Where is the Hand Tool? Oh yeah burried under like 4 submenus…

    All I want to do is read documents!

  3. when I looked up the product on cnet, I found that there was another product that was completely free and unlimited, all present tense. After looking at it carefully, I’ll go with subliminal blaster instead. Price is right. Thanks cnet.

  4. It only works on the win XP OS. also the installing of the software is very cranky some times my geforce 600 card just cant cope up with the graphics so thats a bit of problem

  5. It installs itself in several different apps so it’s a pain to remove, there’s an icon in your system tray that bugs you to buy their products, and all their templates cost money which makes the program useless as a free application

  6. NO WINDOWS 7 SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I got a W7 laptop and Internet and I can’t use Flash? I mean really Adobe should really fix this.

  7. I t would not change the wallpaper, I picked the directories and it would accept them and I would set the timer but it would not change the wallpaper.

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  9. it does not have to be 20mb and use half your systems resources just to read something

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